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Managing diversity in the Workplace Social Sciences Essay (Essay Sample)


Purpose: to explore the topic of diversity in the wworkplace as it relates to health and safety and human resources management. Fonte Arial, Fonte Size 12, double space
Benefits, challenges, best practices and conclusion


Managing Workplace Diversity
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Workplace diversity has become one of the most talked-about topics in the world of business. Given the current growth in globalization, organizations are employing workers from different parts of the world. Such has resulted in the accumulation of individuals with different beliefs in one organization. Therefore, diversity management becomes an important aspect of such an organization to help prevent chaos and facilitate an increase in productivity. Among the diversities include professional, ethnic, and increasingly global workforce. Given that such diversity is unavoidable, every organization has to come up with strategies of dealing with the positive and negative impacts that might be brought about by diversity. Therefore, this paper will focus on the best practices, benefits, and challenges facing the management of workplace diversity.
Among the best practices of managing workplace diversity is be encouraging the employees to share their ideas. Such practice is best done by engaging employees in the decision-making process. As a result, they would feel confident in the achievement of the goals that they took part in making. Engaging employees in making decisions would make them feel appreciated regardless of their ethnic or professional diversity. Some organizations are still following the old ways of letting the managers make decisions on behalf of the employees.

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