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M3D2: Surfing the Net for Community Research Paper (Essay Sample)


By the end of this activity students will be able to:
Analyze social phenomena utilizing theoretical frameworks (Sociology Major Outcome #2)
Analyze significant political issues according to the standards of the discipline in three of the following areas: The enduring controversies and values underlying the contending theoretical and philosophical controversies which have marked either classical political theory and/or modern positive political theory (Political Science Major Outcome #2)
Discuss Durkheim's notion of collective conscience. How can it be that the collective conscience is not just a sum of individual consciousness's? Use concrete examples to explain. 
PowerPoint slides for Chapter 3 [PPT File Size 2584KB]
Alan Macfarlane video on Durkheim [Video File Size 47:05 mins]
Module 3 Notes


M3D2: Surfing the Net for Community
Surfing the Net for Community
Collective conscience is defined by Durkheim as sentiments and beliefs that are universal within a society. According to his observation, character and content of collective conscious vary based on the society's level of solidarity, which can be either mechanical or organic solidarity. Collective conscious is extensive and strong controlling people through various means like religion or cultural means (Abrutyn & Carter, 2015).
Most of the collective conscience includes an intricate web of connection and relationships, which is unconscious or unknown. One can be aware of collective presence if it manifests in subunits defined within couples and families (Gofman, 2014). People can be aware or not aware of the impact of small or large groups and their composition. Groups like friends, ethnic, religion and socially connected groups, which becom...
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