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M2D2 Research Assignment Paper: The Communist Manifesto (Essay Sample)


By the end of this activity students will be able to:
Acquaint themselves with the historical context of core social theories
Acquire a basic understanding of classical and contemporary social theory
Analyze significant political issues according to the standards of the discipline in three of the following areas: The enduring controversies and values underlying the contending theoretical and philosophical controversies which have marked either classical political theory and/or modern positive political theory (Political Science Major Outcome #2)
Do you think that truly communist societies have existed? Can they exist? What are some of the features that such a society must have in order for it to work? (Study the measures for the communist society included in the Communist Manifesto, Appelrouth and Edles, page 59)
PowerPoint slides for Chapter 2 [PPT File Size 1759KB]
Alan Macfarlane video on Marx and labor [Video File 53 mins 41 secs]
Recommended reading: “Marxism, Structuralism and Vulgar Materialism”  Jonathan Friedman’s article PDF
Accessible version of the PDF: “Marxism, Structuralism and Vulgar Materialism” [PDF File Size 2.34MB]. Instruction for the link: Click "Accept JSTOR's Terms and Conditions and proceed to PDF" to open the PDF


M2D2: The Communist Manifesto
The Communist Manifesto
A communist society is yet to exist because of the shift of power that comes along with inequalities in the world. According to Karl Max idea of production means, the social relationships encourage participation in economic life. Understanding Marx relation to production is key in understanding the society structure (Bloch, 2013).
Karl Marx believed that communism will be progressive through historical stages but would stagnate due to internal inconsistency paving the way to socialism. According to Karl Marx industrialization and urbanization makes it impossible to national individualism (Bloch, 2013). Most civilization could not achieve communism because of changes in technology; there was a sudden change where one country became way ahead of others. Communism is not easy...
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