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M1A1: Project 1A Social Science Wirting Assignment (Essay Sample)


Explain the analytical framework used by the authors in explaining social theory.
Project 1A (500-750 words) is due at the end of Module 1 and is worth 5% of your grade.
Be sure to submit your project in one WORD document in APA format and place it in the appropriate assignment dropbox.
PowerPoint slides for Chapter 1 [PPT File Size 1524KB]
Sociology 101: Weber, Durkheim, Marx and Mills [Video File 7 mins 05 secs]
Recommended Video
A map of social theories, 1000-2000 by Alan Macfarlane [Video File 42 mins 56 secs]


M1A1: Project 1A
M1A1: Project 1A
An analytical framework is an empirical design or sketch that attempts to provide a blueprint within which a phenomenon can be studied and understood. In Sociology, analytical frameworks are critical in shaping our understanding of important social theories. They allow us to perceive what was in the minds of important social theorists such as Marx Weber. In understanding their mindsets, we can better understand the theories they posited. The framework is one of the pillars of sociological research. Analytical frameworks can be fixed or fluid. The paper will impose a fixed analytical framework in its evaluation of the works of Social Theorists CITATION Cha94 \l 1033 (Ragin, 1994).
The authors utilize a time model to explain social theory in the videos. Alan Macfarlene in his video argues that civilization in the old ages viewed societies as being cyclical in nature. They believed that civilizations went through stages that were cyclical in nature. Where a civilization grew, expanded and imploded to begin the process again. These civilizations assumed that they were caught in these cyclical force and as such were not in a position to change it. It is critical to note that at this period, civilizations outside of the west were in a better position economically compared to a majority of the western nations. Islamic states in fact continuously threatened to destroy western civilization with their armies and wealth CITATION Har05 \l 1033 (Harrington, 2005).
The advent of technological advances and growth in different facets of societies provided a turning point in social theory. Western civilizations adopted a linear approach to the growth of societies. They believed that they could influence the path of their civilizations. These new thought was referred to as progressivism. The theorists noted that there was human progress. There would be no necessity to go back to prior stages of human society development. This stage was further bolstered by the agrarian revolution and the industrial evolution. These revolutionized how civilizations created wealth and acted as a catalyst to western economic growth. Howe...
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