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Love and politics (Essay Sample)


please follow exactly the instructions .... I will up load the instructions... thanks. The books name (Memory in the flesh)and ,midaq alley Every thing should be from those two books . Its not an Arabic history it's about Those the two books. The paper is about Love and Politics and their sub themes. The point of the essay is to use all literary works provided and elaborate on the idea of love and politics in general and sub themes that are found in such Literary works, and giving an examples . Everything happening inside those two books so please Focus on it and see what happening .


Love and Politics
Love and Politics
Love and politics are two major factors that almost every single person in the society must experience. In the process of experiencing either love of politics, people are impacted either positively or negatively. For instance, through love, one can either be happy through love due to positive experience or be heartbroken. In the process of involving in the two, people must first consider certain factors. One must first understand both love and politics and ensure that they have better goals in involving in either. Being in love affairs might be a challenging experience due to various challenges that people go through. However, people must ensure that they be faithful to one another for the bond of between them to be maintained. On the other hand, leaders who are politicians must ensure that they provide better leadership to their people. In the presence of any challenge encounters through love affairs or politics, victims need to come up with better strategies to ensure that they overcome such challenges. Otherwise, involving in love and politics is good for everyone, but it requires a lot of commitment that people must respect.
Different people go through various experiences in life. These experiences are as a result of many factors that result to their occurrences. Some of these factors include love, hatred, politics, socio-cultural practices and religious beliefs among others. In the occurrence of the above experiences, it always results to either positive or negative impact to the victims. For instance, people who fall in love may be impacted positively, through achieving all the desires they have towards the devolved love affairs or negative impact by not having positive feedback from their love affairs (Mahfouz, 2011). In the process of the above impacts, both the victims and society is affected in one way or the other. Therefore, people need to understand their needs and desire, and they need to consider the impacts of their plans or action so as to involve in activities that will not affect them negatively. Based on the above influences and the information provided through "Midaq Alley" and "Memory in the Flesh" books that were written by Mahfouz (2011) and Mostaghanemi (2003) respectively, this paper provides understanding on love and politics within the society, their impacts and some of the ways through people should practice them. Moreover, it provides various approaches that people need to adhere when involving in love and politics.
There are different reasons why people involve in love. These reasons depend on the desire and needs of people. For instance, one of the reasons that may make a person to involve in love is due to sexual satisfaction. Despite being in marriage, when one partner is not being satisfied sexual may result to love outside marriage among the married people. Some involve in love outside marriage due to separations, divorce an...
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