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Life Counseling Class More Realistic And Fulfilling (Essay Sample)


the question 1-1 and 1-2 is added this is a new class. articles are How to develop skilled clients, coaching psychology coming of age, coaching and therapy similarities and divergences,what is life coaching,coaching Niches part 1 and statement on the integration of faith and work. take what you need question 1-2 ask for 3 career options. maybe you can help me out. I like helping people, motivating people, giving people hope that yes they can. All articles are in this one big articles


Life Counseling Class
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Life Counseling Class
Life coaching and counselling are very similar since they aim to make people’s life more realistic and fulfilling CITATION Ann06 \l 1033 (Gooding, 2006). Life coaching’s concern is to identify people’s difficulties and help them live the kind of life they want. Secondly, both life coaching and counselling change the present; the two always focus on what their clients are experiencing and aim to change the present for better. They try to help people forget their past experiences CITATION Lew18 \l 1033 (University, 2018). Thirdly, both coaching and counselling recognize that the effects of past experiences are always there in the present thus discouraging the coaches and counsellors from using such experiences. However, they also have some differences where counselling starts with recognizing the problem that is causing unhappiness in people’s lives while life coaching starts with the sense of concluding that everything is fine and they only need to make it better CITATION Lar12 \l 1033 (Andersson, 2012). Secondly, clients for life coaching do seek coaching to gain more skills to become more successful and are motivated by gain

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