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Legalization of Recreational Marijuana & Adolescents in California (Essay Sample)


The purpose of this assignment is to develop a research proposal based on a current social or geographic issue that you find interesting. The objective is to practice linking the research question and hypothesis generation stage of research with the selection of an appropriate primary research design, data collection method, sampling approach, and the consideration of ethical issues that may arise based on the type of research proposed.
Since this assignment is meant to replicate the process of carrying out research as a student, it must be possible to carry out the primary data collection component of your proposed research project within a six-month period, and within a budget that does not exceed $500 (this means no research assistants or funds for personal travel). You might use the money for local travel, photocopies, room rentals, compensating subjects, etc.
Your assignment should be structured in paragraph and sentence format under general headings. You should not respond to each task in point form, but rather ensure that each is covered in your proposal under appropriate headings so that it is logical and easy to follow. Your assignment should be approximately 6 to 7 pages in length (12 point Times New Roman font, double spaced, pages numbers). Please observe and do not exceed the page limit.
Problem Definition (Approximately 1 page)
1. Select one newspaper or magazine article from the past year which covers a social or geographic issue you feel raises questions for future research. (This is purposely broad to allow you to select an issue that fits your own interest). Please upload the article with your paper.
2. Identify one issue of interest for future primary research that emerges from your particular newspaper article? Write an introduction that explains why this is a topic that is important and requires further research.
3. Based on the issue of interest that you have identified, define a research hypothesis or research question for your perspective study?


The Social Impact of Legalization of Recreational Marijuana on Adolescents in California
Institution/ Affiliation
Drug and substance consumption has increased all over the world, with an estimate of twenty million people in more than 120 countries been affected. The sequence around production, intake, and administration of the illicit drugs has rapidly improved. These rapid changes have been recorded in developing countries involving more significant populations such as Asia and Latin America. For instance, many Europe countries experienced waves of heroin consumption between the 1960s and 1990s (De & Estrada, 2015). The trends to consumption keep increasing with the emergence of new drugs such as marijuana and cocaine.
Typically, these illicit drugs have played an integral role in the emergence and development of social and economic problems in communities. In the United States, multiple studies have been established to examine the social, physiological, and medical impacts of marijuana since its legalization in Washington and Colorado in the past seven years. Currently, nine states have legalized marijuana, and the number is expected to increase in the future. Studies in the past have established similarity of adverse effects from state to state (Caulkins, 2015).
Problem statement
Heated confusion and misinformation around the legalization and decriminalization of marijuana has been a subject of debate. Although these concepts are not similar, different people have found it hard to differentiate between the two aspects. Whereas legalizations account for the use of cannabis in the confines of the law, decriminalization means the illicit trafficking and consumption. In November 2012, Washington and Colorado's voters unanimously supported the certification of marijuana. However, the states only authorize recreational marijuana to persons older than twenty-one years. As a result, licensed retail marijuana shops have been established (Caulkins, 2015). Since then, nine more states have authorized the practices in their land among them California. Although researchers have confirmed the legalization have led to various social benefits related to social justice, crime, and public health in medical marijuana, increased drawbacks have emerged among the adolescents who have found their way in the gaps (Jones, 2019). Therefore, the study seeks to examine the social effects in the legalization of recreational marijuana to adolescents in the state of California.
Literature review
Available information submits that drug and substance among the young people is narrowed to a small minority who experiment with illicit drugs at an early age. Further, evidence suggests that youths who use such substances in the old generations are more likely to develop drug problems later in life, such as addiction and cognitive ailments (Vaughn et al., 2015). Constant drug use among the minors is often associated with highly problematic population increase matched with the psychological and social disorders that have contributed to the underlying societal problems and neurobehavioral pathways. This explains the rapid rise in the consumption of cannabis among states that have authorized the drug.
The social cognitive theory by Albert Bandura 1986 asserts that the behavior of persons remain informed by the processes, environment and the response itself an individual is exposed to. Moreover, the theory is in line with the behavioristic approach of classical and operant conditioning. The increased globalization and cultural degradation, have contributed to the increased rate of marijuana intake by the youths (Pilgrim, 1999). It matches with the observational learning theory that assumes that children are likely to im...

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