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Lecture Reflection. Social Sciences Essay. In this reflections, consider how that speaker has informed your own view. (Essay Sample)


In this reflections, consider how that speaker has informed your own view. Each lecture reflection must briefly summarize the key points of each lecture that are relevant to your paper, and an integrated discussion of the lectures. There are three lectures at all.
Thoroughly understood the thesis, essential argument, or message; clearly identified types of evidence used effectively or moments of special impact. Thoroughly engaged with the lectures (e.g. agreed with or challenged the arguments). Thoughtfully related the new material to their understanding of sustainability. Clearly related the lectures to the themes of the class. Thoroughly described 2-3 ways in which their personal perspectives about sustainability have developed. Thoughtfully and clearly analyzed their personal opinions and considered why they think this way.


Lecture Reflection
Lecture Reflection
The lecture discusses the process taken by a non-profit organization in Canada to enhance sustainability in the fashion industry through awareness, education and collaboration. The organization is working towards the advancement of the industry to avoid climate change. This organization reveals the endless effort in collaboration with various parties like students, brands and designers to achieve revolution towards a sustainable climate. Fashion and evolvement into the current trends affect various aspects in the environment like; labour, waste, energy and transportation, toxic chemicals and water. The emerging trends have affected the global climate by escalating pollution to very high levels. The activists' groups reveal the impact of human activities on the environment as the major trigger of climate change. While digitalization innovates new creations in the construction industry, the untamed luxury puts the lives of significant demographics in danger. Also, most people in the current generations enjoy luxury and high-quality digitalized products, not knowing the impact of the practices to their lives.

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