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Rawls: Ethics and Social Justice of Fairness (Essay Sample)

I would like the same writer that wrote my most recent piece on Plato and Aristotle I am looking for a paper to answer and analyze the following on John Bordley Rawls (February 21, 1921 - November 24, 2002) Rawls: Ethics and Social Justice of Fairness 1. What are Rawls' two principles? 2. What is the veil of ignorance? 3. What does the metaphor of the veil of ignorance serve to show? 4. What is Rawl's difference principle? source..

Ethics and Social Justice
The debate about the relevance of social justice and ethics can be subject of controversy; in the sense that some people believe that the two are intertwined others believe that they are two separate entities. Following the definition, the two have some differences but the relationship which exists is negligible. Ethics refers to the rule that govern particular group and morals that are acceptable within the group while social justice regards to the solidarity and equality with the society or a particular group (Rawls, 1971).The two principles
Rawls recognition among philosophers was due to his theory Justice as Fairness, which he used the principle of justice in its development. His argument while using this principle divides people of the society into two, those who believe that everybody has an equal right in terms of liberties (Egalitarians) Principle of Equal Liberty. The principle is constitutionally recognized thus liberties of the citizens are fully met. People in the society have similar but fundamental interest in the social condition this promote development within the society where members practise their two basic moral capacities in forming and revising the goals leading to honouring fair terms of social cooperation with others (Kiefer, 1970).In his second principle he mainly concentrated in the distribution of office opportunities that were available in the society positions of authority and distribution of wealth and income. The principle can never be violated due to increase in Gross Domestic Product, corporate goods, and perfectionist good but justice takes first priority over the goods. This principle happens to be legislatively secured thus it demand that all the rules and regulation to be adhered to giving to rise of social and economic inequalities satisfying these two conditions (i.e.) consistent with fair equality of opportunity and less advantaged in social and economic status to be considered first. Rawls assumed that the first condition was fulfilled by the existence of a system which was unequal and lifetime allotment of income and wealth shares. To Rawls there exist allotment of expected lifetime shares of income and wealth that satisfies the first condition enhancing jus...
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