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Journal Electoral College Writing Assignment (Essay Sample)


After viewing the video and reading the news article, please answer the following questions by using examples from each source. Remember to use complete sentences and proper grammar.
If the election relied solely on the popular vote, how might many Americans votes 'not count' toward the election outcome? Explain.
While some opponents of the electoral college claim that the electoral college was set up to reinforce the institution of slavery, what did you read that disputes this argument?
Why was the electoral college results significant in the presidential election of 2016?
What meaning do you gather from the political cartoon provided that shows the map of the United States without the electoral college?
Site: https://www(dot)washingtonpost(dot)com/posteverything/wp/2016/11/15/in-defense-of-the-electoral-college/?utm_term
Youtube site: http://www(dot)youtube(dot)com/watch?v=V6s7jB6-GoU


Journal - Electoral College
Journal - Electoral College
If the election relied solely on the popular vote, several Americans’ votes may 'not count' toward the election outcome. Solely relying on a popular vote in the presidential election would create democracy based on a pure majority rule. From the history of the world, pure democracy rule does not work. The system does not offer the Americans a fair chance of choosing their president since the majority will take the day irrespective of the margins. Contrary to when the margins are technically reduced by the electoral college (Allen Guelzo & James Hulme, 2016).
Although some of the opponents of the electoral college claim that the electoral college was set up to reinforce the institution of slavery, the claims are regarded as rhetoric and not based on strong historical arguments. In fact, it is the electoral college system that ended slavery. For example in the year

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