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Jornal three (3) Social Sciences Essay Research Paper Essay (Essay Sample)


Jornal 3 will be about a delima staff and clients had in group on saturday my supervisor wanted me to help the facator run his second group which was a AAA group he wants to get stuck on the third step every week. A client told another client where he went to get treated and the docotor gave him some pills Mr miller raised his voice loudly at the client that told the information making that client wanting to shut down. Mr Miller was wrong my supervisor said I was right. I also help prepare for auditing. call clients for intake and caser management appointments. there is nothing to upload but what I said here you can find me one reference to back up what you write about ok


Journal Three
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This week, my supervisor asked me to run a second group titled AAA Group. He encouraged me to pay attention to every step of dealing with both difficult and easy clients. I had to deal with a client who told another client that the doctor gave him wrong treatment options or medicines. Mr. Miller raised his voiced and gave rise to a dilemma which was difficult for me to deal with. He shouted at the client and wanted everyone to stay silent, but the client did not shut down. Later on, my supervisor told me that Mr. Miller was wrong and I was right. During this week, I helped them prepare for auditing, made cal

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