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Is Any Job Really Better Than No Job At All? (Essay Sample)


Each of these two 'methods' assignments provide you a chance to 'do' and/or 'use' and/or 'apply' sociology. In some instances, you'll be doing what sociologists (and other social scientists) do in their professions. In others, you might take one or more sociological issues and then apply it/them to your own experiences.
You may submit the assignment as you think best but the following is a possible format for each of the two (unless you used multiple methods on one or more closely-related research questions) efforts:
1. Sociological concept(s) you are looking into – define it/them, why was this important or interesting to you, …
2. Research question(s) - if you don't know how to do a proper research question then please ask for help, Google around, etc. (The rubric will help you in many places but perhaps especially here.)
3. Method(s) being used – be sure to explicitly identify the methodology being attempted. Explain why this was chosen, how it was carried out, when, where, … (You should attach your field notes and survey instruments but don't rely on me reading all of that to figure out what you did.) If you did a survey, how did you develop the sample from the larger population? If doing observations, how did you set up so as to be non-intrusive? If you did an in-person, direct ethnography or some quite personal research, how did you “bracket” off or control for your own biases and beliefs, etc?
4. Findings – report your results. The following might apply: Any patterns? What was notable? Does anything surprise you? --- Please try to make sure you're addressing your research question and the sociological concept(s) being tackled.
5. Conclusion – You should summarize but also try to reflect on the process, offer ideas for additional research, etc. Part of this might even include some admissions of what you could have done differently and how you'd improve future work.
I'd suggest paragraphs, possibly with headings as to the five areas above, as a decent approach to presenting your work. Still, there's no one “right” way. Making it clear and relatively easy to evaluate is always appreciated. I'm quite willing to look at drafts and give you feedback.
Again, you have great flexibility in how you execute and submit your assignment.


Method Assignment
Author Name
University Name
Sociological concept
Is any job really better than no job at all? In the society, unemployment is considered a significant threat to one's survival and happiness. Some people believe that any job is better than being jobless regardless of the fact that whether it is as per a person's skills, capabilities, and qualifications or not. Unfortunately, our societies don't respect jobless or unemployed people as much as they value people with well-paying jobs. They also believe that one's happiness purely depends on his earning.
Research questions
Is happiness directly linked to a person's salary? Can't we live happy without money? How does it impact our lives and the society? Is it correct to accept low-paying job offers just because we are jobless? Shouldn't we look for alternatives?
Method being used
In this study, over 1000 une

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