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Introduction to Ethics Social Sciences Essay Paper (Essay Sample)


There will be two short (four page, or more precisely 1200 word) papers assigned for the course. Each paper will require you to show an understanding of material we have read and discussed, and also to apply that material in a creative and thoughtful way. I will give you more information about the requirements and my expectations when I give you the assignments.
In the case of a paper that is plagiarized, I will report the plagiarism to the Dean of Students. The penalties available to me include giving you a grade of 0 on that paper (and not allowing you to re-write the paper for a better grade), and simply failing you for the course.


Introduction to Ethics
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Introduction to Ethics
Ontology and Epistemology
Both ontology and epistemology are critical components of philosophy. However, the two differ in that while ontology is the field that deals with the study of being, epistemology deals with the study of knowledge. Ontology helps to understand the existence or non-existence of things. Epistemology seeks to explain the nature and limits of knowledge. Ontology and epistemology are particularly important in the maintenance of ethics in research.
The relationship between Science and Ethics
Various theories have been used to discuss the relationship between science and ethics. The continuity theory suggests that ethics is a science or rather has deep similarities with the workings of science. Discontinuity theorists disregard this and advance that ethics is not equal to science. They claim that ethics does not deal with universalizable statements and objective truths in the same as way as science. The objectivity of truth can be expounded using the naturalistic fallacy. It states that explaining something that is good reductively is fallacious.

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