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Internet of Things and Data Analytics Handbook. Social Sciences Essay (Essay Sample)


Internet of Things and Data Analytics Handbook
Hwaiyu Geng
Pick one (1) chapter from this book, and write an essay to
a) Summarize the chapter, adding your own ideas about the topic
b) Describe why the topic appeals to you
c) Explain how your interest in this topic relates to your career goals
a) References are required (use IPA format)
b) Plagiarism will result in a grade of F for the essay
I am looking for papers that are:
- Well-written
- Well-constructed
- Contain your own ideas, logically presented
Required Length:
2 - 3 pages, excluding references. (Approx. 800 words)


Internet of Things
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Chapter 44 discusses the issue of innovation. Given the current technological advancements, everybody wants to be a part of the world's most significant innovations. According to the chapter, people seek to become the next Google, Netflix, or Apple, among other innovations. Innovation is all about the various ways of developing new ways of doing business to maximize the value obtained from the ideas. The process involves different activities such as the improvement of business and the introduction of new services and productions. Also, innovation consists of the reengineering of the various business processes to place a business in a better position in the competitive edge. Developing new business models is a part of innovation. Given the global competition and current economic conditions, companies have to be dynamic to avoid being in a hostile environment. The technological developments, therefore, provide an opportunity for people to come up with new business ideas. For instance, technology makes it for companies to innovate a better production process hence cutting on production cost. Such has been made effective by the availability of machinery that carries out large amounts of work on behalf of human beings. Many people might confuse invention with innovation. The two words imply the creation of new products, but in the case of the invention, the process is not intended to be commercial (Hwaiyu & McKeeth, 2016).

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