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International Relation Reflection Essay About The Simulation (Essay Sample)


In this simulation your role is the "Nigeria Government". The reflation essays is about :
1. What were your goals in the simulation, and did you succeed or fail?
2. Why did you succeed or fail to achieve certain goals?
3. Which group had the biggest influence on the outcome? Why?
4. If the simulation were repeated, would you do anything differently? Why?
5. How do you think the people you represented in the simulation would have reacted to your goals, your decisions, and your proposals in the real world? Would they be happy with the outcome of these negotiations?
You need to log in my account to see how did the simulation works, you need to read the Scenario, Role Sheet, the final proposals and the messages. The messages is the discussions during the simulation.
Below is the information you will need to log into your ICONS simulation:
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International Relation Reflection Essay about the Simulation
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International Relation Reflection Essay about the Simulation
The Nigerian oil industry has been infested with conflicts. Addressing the issues affecting the industry requires a careful analysis of the various issues. The ultimate goal of the simulation is to come up with a solution to the conflict affecting the Niger Delta region. The simulation shows the dynamics of the conflicts that occur in today's’ world. Using the case of Nigeria was an opportunity to indicate how governments, private corporations and other organizations can collaborate to resolve the conflicts.
I succeeded in the simulation because I demonstrated how the government of Nigerian Government, Human Rights Watch, Shell Oil and the Nigerian Military could work together to resolve the issues that have caused conflict in the Niger Delta. Another goal was to direct the Nigerian Government and Shell Oil on the most appropriate investments to make in addressing the problem. The two can pledge investment into the infrastructure of the Niger Delta region to support the development of the areas. Investment in the education and training of the locals can assist them in becoming active participants in the oil industry. It would minimize the feelings of isolation among the locals.
I succeeded in attaining the outlined goals because they were realistic. The goals were focused on what each stakeholder could do to address the problem. For instance, instead of requiring only Shell Oil to take all the responsibility, the Nigerian Government and the Military can also take part in addressing the problem. Involving the stakeholders in addressing the issues has enabled the attainment of the goals. Additionally, the goals are realistic. For instance, the proposal to have the Nigerian Government pledge an additional $30 million annually to the Niger Delta region is attainable. The current investments to the region amount to $120 million hence making an additional $30 million is possible.
The Nigerian Military’s Proposal secured most of the vote in the voting. The military group had the biggest influence on the outcome because the proposal had more provisions. In addition to the provisions outlined in the Nigerian Government, the Nigeria

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