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INSW 200: Required Reading February 27th - March 5th (Essay Sample)


Students will be expected to submit a half-page synopsis on the weekly required readings. Students will be expected to hand the assignment on the corresponding week, no submission for a previous week will be accepted.
Within a page, you can commit on what you liked about it, didn't like, what it lacked, what could be improved and any other thoughts you think would be relevant. Also provide a brief summary of the article as well.
You submit your weekly contributions in the Blog Section of the Assignments


INSW 200 - Required Reading
Course Title:
INSW 200 - Required Reading
The article by Sinclair and Albert (2009) focuses on the concern regarding the Canadian Schools of Social Work’s anti-oppressive stance and questions whether such stance is meaningful or illusory. Based on the experience of a social work graduate student, the authors acknowledge that anti-racist and anti-oppressive awareness among social work students is not translated into practice since it largely remains in the theoretical realm. Specifically, I concur with the authors’ argument that oppression and racism have two faces: subtle manifestation through beliefs and attitudes, and overt actions. The story of the graduate student regarding his experience while teaching a social class reveals subtle manifestation of discrimination and oppression. This is because such student w...
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