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Instructor Essay Evaluation Social Sciences Essay Paper (Essay Sample)


Grade 1 writing level.
Read the three instructor essays that have been assigned to your class (see below). Choose the essay
which you feel is most successful and explain why. Explain how the essay succeeds better than the
other two and why. Identify an area that could use improvement in the two runners-up. Use the
grading rubric that is supplied for the grading of your essay .


Instructor Essay Evaluation
Instructor Essay Evaluation
The essay by Linda Jonasson is the most successful; there are several issues that make this essay better than those written by Jantina Ellens and Dr. Middleton. For instance, Jonasson begins by defining the term “dictation,” which is critical in ensuring that the readers can comprehend its meaning and its use in the essay. Additionally, Jonasson has focused on examining why Samuel Johnson, the author of “The Abuses of Advertising,” made some decisions; for instance, Jonasson explains that Johnson used a formal dictation because he was trying to appeal to the elite group. Additionally, Jonasson has also provided a thorough comparison of Jonasson’s and Hoggart’s essays. This comparison has aided in comprehending

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