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Information Technology and Society. The Impacts of Social Media Platforms in the Society (Essay Sample)


Throughout the last two modules (attached), we have been considering the impact of “personalization” on the availability and reliability of information, and how this impacts our ability to be informed and engaged citizens in a democracy. The module content and readings is designed to encourage students to consider the role that platforms are playing in curating the information that is presented to them, and over time, shaping their world view. For this assignment, students are asked to keep a log, over the course of a week, of all news stories or any other “educational” information that they encounter on their phone. This can include news stories recommended by friends on a Facebook feed, results that show up on a Google search, or any facts that are communicated to you online via your phone, tablet, or computer.
With reference to the module material and assigned readings, reflect on what assumptions you believe that algorithms and social media platforms are making about what information you are most likely to be interested in. Are there certain types of ideas or themes that are recurring, and, by contrast, are there certain gaps in your knowledge that might occur if you were to use your phone as your dominant source of information?
expected quality indicators:
- Critical analysis of the assignment's subject, effective use of supporting evidence, appropriate referencing and citation style, clarity of organization, logic, syntax, and grammar.
- Application of theories learned in the course to discuss social impacts of technological change as well as own connections made to module topics, with unique perspectives on the lecture material.
- Active engagement with the module notes, assigned readings, and some supplementary reading material.
DO NOT cite any external sources only cite the papers attached to the assignment order.


The Impacts of Social Media Platforms in the Society
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Social media platforms are very efficient channels to relay specific information to the public. With just a click, an advertisement is likely to been seen by a lot of people. Algorithms are being used by social media sites, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. These systems are to give priority as to what the user will see on his or her feed, and is most likely based on the interests and likes of the users. If one searches for a particular item on sale using any of these media platforms on the internet, related objects that are also to be bought from the web will likewise show on the feed. 

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