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Impact Of Technology Proliferation In The World Today (Essay Sample)


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Impact of Technology

Technology growth and changes that have been observed in the world today cannot be ignored as they are occurring exponentially. The technological advancements occurring each day could be attributed to the increased research and adoption of technology both in the society and within different other aspects like businesses. The demand for technology continues to increase and the development in technology seek to suffice the emerging needs of the users (Brotchie, Hall, Newton, & Nijkamp, 2017). The technological developments are extremely strong forces that can be utilised in different settings. As a result of this usage and reliance of technology, its impacts have been immense in both positive and negative ways. This essay analyses some of the common impacts of the technology proliferation in the world today.

It is without doubt that technology impacts the society in different ways as its effects can be experienced in daily lives. The technology is however, a double-edged sword which is both beneficial and detrimental. The effects that technology has on the social system are diverse and have significant impacts on the daily lives of people. The technology has proliferated the modern world to a point that the effects can be assumed as people fail to take note of the transformation that has been presented to the modern society by the changes and advancements in the technology.

The advancements in technology for example have been critical to the improvement of the living standards of people despite the economic difficulties being

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