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Identification of Program and Organization (Essay Sample)


This is MPA major Assignment
This class is Policy Evaluation Analytics
This is the first step in preparation for your Mid-Term Exam Assignment (Assignment 2). We will go through robust number of PLMs, building your knowledge of PLMs. This is an iterative process from which you should gain significant understanding of the purpose of such models.
This assignment requires students to identify an organization and one of its programs for which the student will develop a PLM in Assignment 2 (Mid-Term Exam). Assignment 1 details follow.
Specific Instructions
1. Each student will seek out and identify an organization and one of its programs. Students CAN NOT duplicate organizations or programs. Each student must have a separate entity and program, which much be approved by the instructor.
2. The organizations can be public entities such a municipal government or agency thereof, not for profit organizations (NGO), philanthropic organizations, and even for profit companies. It can be an organization that you work for or in which you participate. It can be a community organization group. The essential requirement is it has program, which may or may not have existing program models. For our purposes it is best if there is no existing documented PLM.
3. Prepare no more than a 1- page narrative that:
(a) Identifies the organization which you will use for Assignment 2;
(b) Provides brief description of the organization, explaining what and where it is and what it does; and the specific program type that you will analyze. Also provide the url for the organization;
(c) What relationship you have with the organization, if any; and
(d) Your specific interest in the program.


Assignment 1 – Identification of Program and Organization
Your Name
Subject and Section
Professor’s Name
The success of an organization depends on its ability to create a strategic plan in order to meet its short, medium, and long-term goals. This is because planning allows the members to work towards a collective aim using the same set of protocols and principles. One way of visualizing an organization’s plan is through the use of a Program Logic Model (PLM). A PLM is simply a schematic diagram that represents the causal links between efforts and results CITATION NSWnd \l 1033 (NSW.Gov.Au, n.d.). In line with this, the author of this paper would focus on developing a PLM for the non-profit organization named Seni

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