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Writing About Ideal Democracy for Jamaica (Essay Sample)


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Ideal Democracy for Jamaica
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Ideal Democracy for Jamaica
Since its independence in 1962, Jamaica adopted a parliamentary democracy and constitutional monarchy. The former is a form of governance whereby a country’s political party with the highest representation in a parliament forms the government. The latter is whereby the monarch leader governs a country within the boundaries of the constitution, Jamaica’s chief head of state is the British monarch who appoints the governor general as a representative. The Prime Minister is the head of government appointed by the governor general from the leader of the majority party. The citizens of Jamaica vote to office members of parliament to represent them CITATION The192 \l 1033 (The Governmental System, 2019). The freedom of exercise that characterizes democracy has largely been inhibited in Jamaica, and this is caused by a few numbers of voters and the monopoly of only two political parties.
Over the years, there has been a notable decline in the number of Jamaicans who participate in the elections. In 2011, only 53% of the registered voters turned out to vote to mean that those elected in power would not present the majority that did not vote and those that voted for the opposition power. Hence the leaders rule for the minority, and that is not a democracy. The reason for this is because most citizens feel that the political parties, namely, Jamaican Labor Party (JLP) and People’s National Party (PNP), are two alternative evils and therefore do not feel the need to vote one over the other and the agendas proposed by the parties provide so little hope for the citizens to vote for CITATION Mar16 \l 1033 (Henry, 2016).
Democracy should allow people to have t

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