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The Human Geography. Social Sciences Essay Research Paper (Essay Sample)


This is a writing intensive class, I will submit an attachment which is written by myself, could you please write this essay with my writing style? Thank You!
Here is the question you need to write:
2. Essay Two, Workers used to be treated badly under slavery, but slavery was
abolished and now workers are treated well by their bosses. Agree or disagree using
reputable sources to back up your claims. Cite your sources in any format you prefer,
as long as it is consistent. Length 1, 100 words. Due before 11:59 pm Oct. 10.


Human Geography
Due Date
Human Geography
Workers used to be treated badly under slavery, but slavery was abolished and now workers are treated well by their bosses. Agree or disagree using reputable sources to back your claims.
When you query how to treat employees better on google, you get millions of answers. Today, there is a lot of information on how employers can improve their treatment of workers. But how many follow the snippets they find on the internet or how many adopt the suggested policies even with the promise of increased employee productivity. Research appears to suggest that employers are not keen on improving how they treat their employees. Strikes and unrests within workplaces have become commonplace in many countries as employees seek to voice their frustrations. Some of the issues that bring friction between employees and employers today include poor pay, unconducive working environments, and increased working hours without significant changes in pay. Well, these issues often push employees to vent their frustrations and many still believe that strikes and boycotts are a good way of pushing employers to action. During the slavery era, slaves were considered the property of the slave owner. They did not have rights and whatever work they did could be compensated but this was all at the mercy of the employers. Well, today, employees do have rights and employers do not consider them as property. However, are they being treated better and as valuable assets of whichever company they are working for? Well, this article seeks to showcase that employees are still not treated as they should by their employers and that exploitation is at its all-time high today.

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