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Human death caused by genetic research. Social Sciences Essay (Essay Sample)


The finished document you submit will be a 4-7 paragraph essay of at least 700 words. You should use our class textbook as your source. You will need to use APA in-line citations and reference list (not counted for word count requirement purposes).
The first human death caused by genetic research in the Jesse Gelsinger case raised ethical and regulatory questions that are discussed in Ch. 16 of your textbook. Use your final exam essay to analyze the Jesse Gelsinger case, including an overview of the key facts, the main ethical questions that are raised, the application of prudential reasoning, and key learnings from the case that can help improve ethical guidelines around genetic research. Suggested organization:
Provide an overview of the Jesse Gelsinger case and the key facts involved.. You can get most of this information in the Deveterre textbook (provide APA citations). (1 paragraph)
Using your Deveterre textbook for citations, provide your own analysis of the main ethical issues and problems raised by the case. (1-2 paragraphs)
Discuss the application of prudential reasoning to the various perspectives of the different parties involved in the case (1-2 paragraphs)
Discuss and highlight key learnings from this case that can be used to improve ethical guidelines around genetic research. You can get most of this information in the Deveterre textbook (provide citations). (1-2 paragraphs).
F = Incomplete or No Submission; Does NOT pass
D = 1 point = Does NOT pass first 6 criteria; Does NOT pass
To Pass with a "C" Grade (2 points), you must meet the following 6 criteria:
Final is submitted on time as a Microsoft Word
700 word minimum (not including references)
Essay is NOT plagiarized (high SAFE ASSIGN similarity reports and other similarities to other papers will result in an automatic F in the class FOR ALL PAPERS AND STUDENTS INVOLVED)
Be responsive to the question prompt and demonstrates an understanding of the materials
Attempt to use proper APA citation and reference list formats; demonstrates that cited information is being credited properly
To pass with a "B" Grade (3 points), the student must meet the above six (6) criteria and the following three (3) criteria:
Have no fundamental misunderstandings of the materials
Have no major grammatical error, typos or spelling errors
Demonstrate a strong understanding of the materials, beyond a superficial summarization of information related to the prompt
To pass with an "A" grade (4 points), the student must pass the above nine (9) criteria (six from the "C" criteria + 3 from the "B" criteria) AND the following two (2) criteria:
Provide excellent analysis of the topic/prompt; clear/organized writing; and mastery of APA citation/reference format
No spelling errors or typos


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Case overview and key facts
Jesse Gelsinger was involved in a genetic research clinical trial that led to his death. From the details of the case, it seems that Jesse and his father Paul Gelsinger were not sufficiently informed on the probable side effects of the procedure that Jesse went through. At the time of his death, Jesse was already eighteen and he participated in the research voluntarily hoping that it could lead to breakthroughs in treating OTC in children and probably himself. The doctors had informed him about possible side effects such as flu-like symptoms, little chance of hepatitis and very slight chance of death. The doctors who briefed Jesse failed to informed of earlier complications to other human subjects who had undergone the procedure earlier had suffered grade 3 or higher toxicities. Grade 3 or higher toxicities should have halted the clinical trials before Jesse was subjected to them. additionally, two monkeys which had been used as clinical trial subjects had also died. 

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