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How Did The Us Finally Find And Kill Osama Bin Laden? (Essay Sample)


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Osama Bin Laden
How Osama Bin Laden was Killed
On May1st 2011 (May 2nd 2011 in Abbottabad, Pakistan) the United States president, Barack Obama ordered an operation to a compound in Abbottabad that they believed housed a ‘high value target. The president and his advisers watched the operation from the situation room in the White House as a team of 23 Navy SEALs carried out the operation with two modified black hawk helicopters at 0030hrs in the morning. It was a moonless night and the president and his advisers were convinced they had a positive ID on Osama and the darkness would give them the cover they would need to carry out the operation. It had been months of surveillance in the unusual compound that had 5-metre-high perimeter walls and no telephone or internet lines. The operation took 40 minutes in which Bin Laden and 4 other people were killed. The operation was a closely guarded secret by the US authorities and only notified Pakistan on the operation whilst they were carrying it out. Even inside the US, it was only known to the president and o a few of his confidants who advise him on legal and military matters.
The operation which was carried out at night saw one of the helicopters crash land at the site but no one was injured. They made their way into the compound by blasting through walls into the compound where the residents opened fire. The Navy SEALs killed anyone who opened fire and made their way into the storied house. They found Bin Laden in his bedroom with his wife. Bin Laden was shot twice on the head and chest and he died immediately. They took his body and dropped it in the sea to avoid his burial site becoming a shrine. They also collected any important document that could aid the government track other terrorists. The information collected included hard disks, flash drives, paper documents among others.
The mission was not legal because it could be termed as an act of aggression against Pakistan. It was not even ordered by the congress according to US laws regarding invasion into other countries. The US government only notified Pakistan of the operation during the raid. The US president said he wanted to ‘justify’ the lives which were lost through the schemes engineered by Bin Laden including the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Centre and the Pentagon. Morally, it is hard to justify that just a single life would serve justice for all his victims. But because the United States government declared war on

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