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How Technology Has Changed The Social Dynamic As Globalization (Essay Sample)


Developing a proposal is one of the first steps in an academic research process. Your audience for this proposal includes your classmates, who may have disparate backgrounds and limited knowledge of your topic, and your instructor, who is unlikely to have specialized knowledge in exactly the topic you’ve chosen. Consequently, your task is to present a concise (350-500 words) yet well-supported proposal in which you introduce the contemporary global issue you’ve selected, explain its significance, both in your own field of study and to the larger external population, and present a clear argument as to why this topic is worthy of time and attention. Your proposal must demonstrate your understanding of the scope of the social and cultural issues related to this topic while demonstrating your familiarity with relevant scholarly research.
Using the information included in Scaffold Step #1 (Topic Proposal Worksheet) from Webtext Ch. 1 and other scholarly sources you may have collected, organize your work so that it effectively develops your argument. Follow the conventions of academic essay writing with a title page; double-spaced text; clear introduction, body, and conclusion; and a reference page. Your work should be original, with quotations limited to less than 10% of your total word count. Use only scholarly sources in your proposal, and include citations in APA format. Andersson, L. (2017). Where Technology Goes to Die: Representations of Electronic Waste in Global Television News. Environmental Communication, 11(2), 263–275.

Be sure your work clearly states the problem in a way that anyone unfamiliar with your field of study will understand. Draw an explicit connection between the topic and one or both of your Degree Depths; this will help establish the relevance of your topic to your studies.
When summarizing key issues and themes found in your preliminary reading, consider how the issue may affect vulnerable and disenfranchised populations around the world, and the ethical issues that may be involved. Synthesize the key disagreements among the research studies; this will help your audience understand the need to study the issue.
Your proposal should be 350-500 words and reflect appropriate critical thinking, analysis, synthesis, and senior-level written communication skills.


Research Proposal
Name of Student
Institutional Affiliation
My Research Proposal
The contemporary issue that this research seeks to address is how the advancement in technology has changed the social dynamic as globalization, and technological growth restructures society. This research aims to achieve a depth analysis of the subject from a sociological perspective. Technology is therefore centered in the area of social change, from which it seeks to determine the nature through which technological advancement has brought about change within our social culture.
The study views advancements in technology over recent times as responsible for increased cancer cases, in addition to reduced social ties and relations (Díaz & Bonilla, 2019). Research on the topic is essential because it acknowledges that apart from the positive effects of technology, there are adverse effects associated with increased technological advancements. It, therefore, recognized that if necessary measures are not taken, the effects of technological advancements can have adverse ramifications to society as a whole.
With regards to global studies, there has been increased manufacturing and distribution of electronic gadgets. This increases the amount of electronic waste that gets released into the environment. It creates negative impacts because there are no viable efforts that are channeled towards research regarding the possible ways of dealing with the waste (Liu & Yuan, 2015). With that said, there are currently no standardized methods utilized to handle the electronic waste introduced into the environment. Through research, the establishment of possible solutions could be developed to ensure effective disposal of e-waste.
There is a thought that the increased reliance on the electronic modes of communication has adverse effects on communication skills because there is no direct contact and face-to-face communication (Goodman-Deane et al., 2016). There is also the assertion that the element of technology is specifically causing more harm than good in the workplace. Due to the use of technology, there is the inability to efficiently evaluate the personal abilities of workers and gauge their real potentials (Jang, 2015). As a result, the nature of relations and communications in the workplace are significantly compromised and not empirical (Murray & Campbell, 2015). Through this research, there will be the determination of the levels to which technological advances have affected workplace communications and relations.
Electrical devices used for communication are also known to cause problems in the development of children, as they affect the rate of deve

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