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How Anti-Сolonial Movements Used Terrorism (Essay Sample)


How Anti-colonial Movements Used Terrorism (And Other Methods) to Fight Imperialism, Zionism, Neocolonialism, Multinational Corporations, Etc.?

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How Anti-colonial Movements Used Terrorism (And Other Methods) to Fight Imperialism, Zionism, Neocolonialism, Multinational Corporations, Etc.?


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How Anti-colonial Movements Used Terrorism (And Other Methods) to Fight Imperialism, Zionism, Neocolonialism, Multinational Corporations, Etc.?

Terrorism is the use of politically motivated violence involving kidnappings, bombings, and assassinations against governmental, public targets as well as civilians. Over the past, imperialism and colonization were extensively used for upholding imperial control and rejection of overseas domination. Imperialism is when a more superior and powerful country assumes control over a less powerful country for political and commercial motives (Campbell, 2015). Being a stronger force in influencing the contemporary world, colonialism took place during the late nineteenth century and the beginning of the twentieth century. Countries that were ruled by the mother country lacked freedom. Asians and Africans were oppressed, exploited, and denied rights in their own homeland. The Europeans grabbed land from Africans and introduced the payment of taxes, which forced Africans to work as slaves in the European settler’s firms. Nevertheless, exploitation of the African workers by their employers caused resentment among the local people. In addition, the Africans began to form resistance movements against their colonizers. Conquest from ancient days to modern imperialism experienced various massacres, which were frequently committed by the conquerors as a way of fighting the rebellion from the locals. However, this was as a result of cultural alienation and racial animosities in the region (Munro, 2017).

The anti-colonial failed to challenge the military superiority of intruders in open battlefields. As a result, these countries formed anti-colonial movements to fight for their freedom. The anti-colonial organizations oppressed their colonizers intentionally, which led to terrorism as an effective weapon to fight their enemies politically. This led to the formation of ant-imperialist terrorist organizations from different social, cultural and political circumstances (Hoffman, 2006). The anti-colonial movements used terrorism to spread fear, mobilize and discipline their opposers. Additionally, they provoked large-scale hostilities to expel foreign domination from their nation. Terrorism was declared an integral part of the liberation struggle. Though the tools of terror were technically deadlier, the introduction of mass media widened the ability of the terrorists to conduct propaganda warfare, mobilize supporters, and exploit the growing vulnerability of imperial polities. Moreover, the rise of nationalism, as well as radical doctrines of communism and Nazism, increased the number of movements that used terrorism in the struggle

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