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Hospital Survey Comparison (Essay Sample)

Hospital Compare Go to Hospital Compare Select two hospitals were you have had clinical. Select a medical condition. Select modify results. Select a surgical procedure. Select view all results. Select either view graphs or tables. Review presented data(10 graphs/tables)How do the hospitals compare to each other, regionally and nationally? Do these results reflect the care you saw in clinical? Response should be between 1-2 pages, 12 point font (Times New Roman), double spaced - 2 hospital I want to compare: Innova Fair Oaks Hospital and Virginia Hospital Center Arlington. -The Website: www(dot)hospitalcompare(dot)hhs(dot)gov source..

Hospital Survey Comparison
Professor Name:
(May 29, 2012)

Hospital Survey Comparison
Innova Fair Oaks Hospital is located in Northern Virginia serving the surrounding suburbs. The hospital has a capacity of one hundred and eighty two beds for acute care services. The surrounding environment is rapidly growing driving the need of the hospital providing safe care, patient satisfaction and excellent service. Virginia Hospital Center – Arlington Health Systems provides health services to the public in medical-surgical facility. It is located in the northern Virginia with a capacity of three hundred and fifty beds with preserved private rooms. Acute care resonates with cardiology, emergency, respiratory, cancer care, neurology, orthopedics, women health provisions, urology, diagnostic imaging facilities and radiology imaging facilities. Virginia Hospital has the provisions of outpatient rehabilitation services; this is effected by the hospital running a small urgent care unit addressing the minor emergencies and the primary care. The hospital offers teaching ground on medicine for Georgetown University.
Surveys of patients performed in Innova Fair Oaks Hospital and Virginia Hospital Center Arlington indicated slight variations considering the hospital experiences. Reflecting on effectiveness of the communication between the nurses, nurses communicating well always indicated national average is at 77%, Virginia average at 76%, Innova Alexandria Hospital 74% and Virginia Hospital at 79%. Nurses communicating well usually national average are at 18%, Virginia average at 18%, Innova Alexandria Hospital 20% and Virginia Hospital at 18%. Nurses communicating well sometimes or never indicated national average are at 05%, Virginia average at 06%, Innova Alexandria Hospital 06% and Virginia Hospital at 03% (, 2012).
Communication between doctors and patients indicated; doctors communicating well in national average are at 80%, Virginia average at 80%, Innova Alexandria Hospital 76% and Virginia Hospital at 78%. Doctors communicating well usually indicated national average is at 16%, Virginia average at 15%, Innova Alexandria Hospital 18% and Virginia Hospital at 17%. Doctors sometimes communicating or never communicating indicated national average are at 04%, Virginia average at 05%, Innova Alexandria Hospital 06% and Virginia Hospital at 05% (, 2012).
Considering the service delivery in due time from the hospital staff to the patients indicated patients receiving timely assistance shown national average is at 65%, Virginia average at 62%, Innova Alexandria Hospital 57% and Virginia Hospital at 64%. Patients usually getting the assistance in time indicated national average is at 25%, Virginia average at 26%, Innova Alexandria Hospital 30% and Virginia Hospital at 26%. Patients never or sometimes got assistance indicated national average is at 10%, Virginia a...
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