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Honor killings in turkey 2020. Social Sciences Essay (Essay Sample)


Assignment summary: Students are expected to write a country report on human rights violations/issues in the assigned countries. Students can pick any topics/issues that are relevant to human rights issues. Some examples are a law that might criminalize queer people, police practices, unemployment, discrimination, disowning/honor killings, denial of freedom of expression and freedom of association, and death penalty. These are just examples. You can focus on a different issue that you might be interested in researching.
In order to write this paper, students are expected to do some research on the assigned country. The purpose of this assignment is to explore how different countries approach to different human rights violations/laws. The assignment will also help students to gain knowledge of basic research (e.g. APA)
APA/Style and Appearance: /10%
Cover page should include a tittle, student name & student number, instructor’s name, the university name, and the year (e.g. 2020). Appropriate use of citations/references: Students are expected to follow APA style writing.
Appropriate response length is 2700-word count. Times New Roman, 12 font size, and double space. The minimum expected response length is 2,600 and maximum length is 2,700. Your mark will be deducted if your paper is not in an appropriate length and/or style. General quality of writing (grammar, spelling, sentence/paragraph structure, and evidence of diligent proofreading)
Caution: The assignment without references will be considered as having no citations and will receive a mark of “-10.”
Introduction 10 %:
You should introduce your paper briefly. Readers should have a brief idea before they begin reading your body paragraph – what your paper is about? What is your thesis statement? What is your specific argument?
Half-page Country Profile 5 %:
Please assume that your paper will be read by someone who has no idea about the assigned country. Location, language, religion, population, etc. are important and helpful to include in your paper. (Please do not send the country profile separately. It must be in the same Word document, just under the country profile section)
Body 5 %:
In this section, you will provide a further summary about the specific human rights issue you will be working on. You can focus on one specific human rights issue in the chosen country and tell your readers why the issue is important and provide more details on that and tell your readers whether anything has done in the assigned country’s criminal justice system. For instance, if you are writing about a specific law that is against queer people then tell your readers whether anything has been done in the criminal justice system. How other NGOs see the situation etc. Providing different perspectives always help. Discussion and transition in ideas between paragraphs should flow well.
Conclusion (10 %):
This part is VERY important. Beyond simply repeating/summarizing what your paper has already said, reflect on the broader importance of your paper to specific one. The reader will be looking for an answer to “So what?!” in your conclusion. What are your suggestions or analysis about the specific issue that you have focused on/chosen? What are your recommendations?
Use of Evidence / Logic and Argumentation /5%
Examples and other evidence support the main thesis and fit cohesively within each paragraph. All ideas presented in the body of the essay flow from, and support the argument presented in the thesis statement.
Students must use at least two peer-reviewed articles and two International Non-Profit Organization (INGO) reports.
***Websites/sources such as Wikipedia, blogs/vlogs are not reliable sources for academic papers, and they are unacceptable!
PLEASE DO MAKE SURE TO COPY AND PASTE THIS RUBRIC IN YOUR ASSIGNMENT. The rubric will be excluded from the word-count.


Honor Killings in Turkey
Student’s Name:
Student Number:
Instructor’s Name:
Institutional Affiliation:
Year: 2020
Honor Killings in Turkey in 2020
Infringement against fundamental human rights is a worrying trend. Globally, there are various forms of transgression against moral, ethical, and constitutional rights. This paper will be focusing on honor killings in Turkey, which constitute a threat to life and have raised grave concerns across various quarters, including civil society and government authorities. Honor killings involve the murder of a woman or a girl following various sexually-related offenses such as premarital sex. It is in this light that this paper demonstrates an intricacy surrounding the phenomena of honor killings by arguing that honor killings are oppressive patriarchal, discriminative, and inhumane acts that go against the basic tenets of human rights ethic and morality, only to befit the male and families in the society at the expense of women and girls. The paper demonstrates weak perceived benefits associated with honor killings by critical, rhetorical, and in-depth interrogation of reasons that occasion these phenomena. The article is capped by concise presentations of a collaborative approach to taming honor killings.
Country Profile
Turkey is a unique country that lies partly in both Europe and Asia. In 2015 population statistics, Turkey’s population stood at 78,741,53 people, with 1,592,437 being born abroad and about 3 million refugees, primarily from Syria (De Bel-Air, 2016). Historically, modern Turkey was established in the 1920s by nationalist Kemal Ataturk as a center of the Ottoman Empire. It exists as a midline separating the two continents. Thus, it is strategically positioned in an important locality, which greatly influences Europe and Asia due to its control over the Black Sea. The desecrated movement and growing economy were disrupted following Ataturk's death in 1938. Consequently, the army assumed the role of custodian of the constitution – leading to recurrent ousting of governments that were perceived as challenging secular values. Its membership in the European Union has been controversial due to its track record on human rights. For instance, Kurds, who contribute about 20 % of Turkey's population, have cause instabilities in Turkey, specifically, the Kurdish separatists who have continually wage a guerrilla war since the 1980s accusing the government of destroying their culture.

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