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HLS 6070 DF7 Initial (Essay Sample)

Compare the three state government GIS applications - (1) Illinois Tri-County GIS, (2) Pennsylvania Geospatial Clearinghouse GIS, and (3) OLIVER, the Massachusetts GIS. In a few short sentences, what are the key differences between the three? Why do you think OLIVER would be particularly useful for emergency managers planning a response to coastal flooding? source..
HLS 6070 DF7 INITIAL By Institution Geographical Information System Geographical Information Systems are useful in mapping objects or locations in space and provide answers to queries. GIS are useful in data collection, storage, management, and analysis to produce viable information (Darmawan, 2008). People can use GIS data for navigation, disaster control, mapping lands and locating places in the maps. Several government agencies use GIS for urban planning, rescue missions, and security reasons. The state governments of Illinois, Massachusetts, and Pennsylvania use the GIS to aid in provision of critical services to civilians in these regions. The GIS provide information necessary for geographical navigation, mapping, and location within these states. The data can be in different forms and may contain different features (Holstead & Redmond, 2016). The Pennsylvania state GIS provides data than can be accessed through File Transfer protocol. The GIS ...
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