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HLS 6060 Strategic Planning and 2016 Budget Analysis for the Department of Homeland Security (Essay Sample)


2016 Budget Analysis for the Department of Homeland Security

2016 Budget Analysis for the Department of Homeland Security AffairsNameInstitutional AffiliationDate
The United States Department of Homeland Security is responsible for maintaining public security. The state missions of the department include border security, cyber security, prevention and management of disasters, immigration and customs and border security. It was formed in response to the September 11 attacks that occurred in the United States. It, therefore, protects the United States within and outside its bordersCITATION Wil16 \l 1033 (William & Barbara, 2016). The DHS is the third largest department that is found in the cabinet after the Department of Defense and the other of Veteran Affairs. It has more than 240,000 employees CITATION USD \l 1033 (DHS Department, 2016). This complex mission of ensuring that there is security in the United States means that the department needs to be allocated adequate resources so that it can able to carry out its objectives in a convenient manner.
Analysis of the Budget Process and Format.
In the fiscal year of 2016, the department was allocated $ 64.9 billion in the total budget authority. $ 41.2 billion was also allocated to the net discretionary funding. The amount that was spent on the Gross Discretionary funding is $ 51.9 billionCITATION USD \l 1033 (DHS Department, 2016). Discretionary fees cover $4.0 billion. The Disaster Relief Fund is provided separately meaning that it is not included in the discretionary amounts above. In the 2016 FY Budget, the Disaster Relief Fund was allocated $6.7 billion.
The 2016 FY budget is grounded in the vision of the Secretariat of DHS that there needs to be a DHS Department that operates by recognizing the various departments that are found in DHS. By ensuring that there is unity in the Department, DHS will achieve its mission and responsibilities regarding delivering services to the Nation. The FY 2016 DHS budget ensures appears to be in supports of the 2015 president’s initiative known as President’s Management Agenda and Cross-Agency Priorities. The priority areas that are referred to in this case are effectiveness, economic growth, efficiency, and People & culture.
The above figures show that the FY 2016 Budget for the DHS resources on the mission of the various Departments. The missions of DHS is to prevent terrorism at all costs by enhancing the security of the Nation, maintaining security at the borders and securing and maintaining the cyberspace. It is also responsible for the reinforcement of the various laws of the state about immigration and strengthening the preparedness of a nation to various problems that may affect the country CITATION Jer13 \l 1033 (Jerome, 2013).
It further analysis reveals that the President's budget for the financial year 2016 includes some of the investments that that can enable the country to be prepared for issues that can arise as a result of climate change and investment opportunities by the government in Information and Technology as a way of boosting the security of the Nation. The budget also appears to have made more investment in the Department of Financial systems as one of the government initiatives of ensuring that there is modernization in the legal, financial systemsCITATION USD \l 1033 (DHS Department, 2016). This initiative will be having a lot of benefits as the financial information that is delivered is of high quality and accurate. Information will be made available promptly leading to faster decision making especially in the DHS, a department that involves making financial decisions regularly.
Budget Expenditure at various Departments and Revenue Trends
Prevention of Terrorism and enhancement of Security
This is one of the most important core mission that DHS tries as much as it can to fulfill. As a way of achieving this, the Department ne...
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