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HIV Prevention Social Sciences Essay Research Paper (Essay Sample)


Medical Ethic Topic: HIV Prevention (For or against following statement) Are you for condom distribution where there are a high population and third world countries with HIV or should mandatory testing that breaks human right violation be established
Questions to answer:
-What are the key points of contention on this topic?
-What side of the argument (stance) do you take on this topic?
-What strong points does the other side of this topic have?
-Choose an ethical theory (Choose from these ONLY – Kant; Act Utilitarianism; Rule
Utilitarianism; Care Ethics; Virtue Ethics; and Social Contract) that you would apply to the weekly topic to defend your stance? Explain fully. At least 250 words.
Make that your one-page paper has the following
A) In this reflection you must define the key terms of the debate (for example, define HIV)
B) Define and explain the specific ethical theory you chose (show me you know exactly what the theory is and does – in your own words)
C) Present the evidence both pro and con and follow up how using your ethical theory is the best way to determine whether or not your stance is really ethical
D) Conclusion – any final thoughts and opinions. This is not optional, but instead a place to interject your own personal point of view.


HIV Prevention
Institutional Affiliation
HIV Prevention
HIV infections are still a common health issue, especially in third world countries. It is also a risk in high populations since it can spread faster without proper prevention strategies. HIV is defined as a human immune-deficiency virus that causes AIDS (Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome). The key issues of contention regarding HIV prevention is whether condom distribution should occur in third world countries or high population, or making testing mandatory while also breaking human rights in the process. Based on the different views, I support the notion that condom distribution occurs in the third world and high population countries based on Kant’s theory since the action will fulfill a moral duty.

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