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Research Assignment Gender Dynamics: Growing Up Coy 2016 (Essay Sample)


Are there gender characteristics in relationships? In family dynamics? Don't give me a movie summary talk about how it effects society, use sociological language.


Gender Dynamics
GROWING UP COY 2016 might be taken as just a film or documentary, but its relevance goes further and much deeper than what one can take from it. The film is about the struggles and fight of one family, for the rights of their transgender child, at a certain school. The movie is however, about the child, Coy Mathis, than it is about the parents. Her struggles in school as to the kind of facilities to use, how to be represented, placed her at constant loggerheads with not only fellow students but also the school administration. The documentary, on a deeper note however, speaks more about the contemporary issues affecting life in the society, such as relationships and the dynamics involved.
In the film, Juhola illustrates the amount of pressure that the Mathis family underwent. This is because the society had placed them under very close and tight scrutiny. Every move they made and every challenge they faced, was always subject to observation and reaction from the larger society. Their life is virtually tied to the media too. When the Mathis family went public with the story about their child's transgender identity, it provided an avenue for much discourse throughout mainstream media and the society in general, on matters to do with relationships, roles as well as identity

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