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The Grieving Center For Children, Teens & Families (Essay Sample)


for 8-1 there must be an annotation as to what the resource contains and why you think it might be helpful. It is in the instructions. A minimum of three scholarly resources. Please be detailed.
8-2 the question is also proived for you as well It say describe Stoebb's dual process model of coping with loss everything is in the instructions please also be detailed do not need a cover page but in text citations and a reference page I really need in 8 days


8-1 & 8-2
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8-1 & 8-2
Helping children and adolescents cope up with loss or grief are quite challenging. The following are some of the online grief centers and care provider resources that will help children and teenagers cope with grief and loss.
* The Grieving Center For Children, Teens & Families
It educates other people in the society how they can be involved in helping children to cope up grief or loss through outreach events and other helpful grief resources. There are groups and are age-appropriate to meet the needs of the children. The center has also partnered with schools and other community organizations to take their services closer to the children. The site will be helpful since it includes the children with the same grievances and includes everybody in the society.
* Scholastic children's grief resources /childrenandgrief/
This is an online page that is dedicated to helping children and teenagers cope...
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