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Human Trafficking (Essay Sample)

Human Trafficking 1) The Future Group: a Canadian-­‐based non-­‐governmental organization dedicated to combating human trafficking and the child sex trade. http://www(dot)thefuturegroup(dot)org/index.html 2) Not for Sale Campaign http://www(dot)notforsalecampaign(dot)org/ A web resource for combating human trafficking http://www(dot)humantrafficking(dot)org/ (out of date but good info within the site) 3) Public / Citizen's Videos on Human Trafficking: http://vodpod(dot)com/tag/human+trafficking 4) Google: Human Trafficking Images Question:Why do you think there is so much trafficking of women and girls around the world? Give three reasons. How can this be stopped? Instruction:read all material first. Be specific rather than general in your answer. Think and assess diverse aspects of the question. Respond from the readings rather than whether you agree or disagree, unless you are sure it adds to the paper. There is no ‘correct' answer, as there are many ways to answer the questions. The answer is not a summary of the topic. The papers need to be well structured, clear, precise and well written. Plan the paper to avoid rambling. Avoid words and phrases such as: in my opinion, in the readings the author said, it could be said that, that the topic is too large to discuss adequately... etc. Please check spelling and grammar.!!!!! Each assignmen must be typed, double-­‐spaced and in a readable font. Cover sheets are not required Online sources ONLY!!! source..

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(17 March, 2012)
Reasons for Increased Women and Child Trafficking in the World
There are various reasons that have caused increased women and child trafficking in the world. These reasons include effects of poverty, war, crisis, despair, and ignorance. The globalization of the economy of the world has made the migration of people past borders increase. This movement normally occurs either legally or illegally. In most cases, the migration is from developing to the developing world. Increased international crime has led to the rise in the movement of people, commodities and services, and money. Additionally, other reasons for the increased trafficking are the increased women subordination in various societies. This is normally reflected in educational, economic and disparities in opportunities which exist between men and women. A lot of societies in the world continue to favor sons more than d...
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