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Governors And Bureaucracies In Alabama (Essay Sample)


Outline the various gubernatorial roles arising from his or her formal and informal powers.

• Describe the background, political experience, and demographic characteristics of governors.

• Assess which gubernatorial candidates and campaign strategies are most likely to be successful.

• Compare the powers of weak and strong governors.

• Describe the role of the governor in the legislative process, and assess the governor’s ability to impact legislative outcomes.

• Analyze how divided government affects the relationship between the governor and the legislature.

• Assess the effectiveness of various checks on the power of the governor.

• Evaluate how well governors are able to harness their informal powers to be effective political leaders.

• Outline the roles of the lieutenant governor and other executive officers.


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A governor is a public official, who has the powers to govern at the sub-national level of government, at the executive branch, and ranks under the head of state. He or she can either be elected or appointed.
The Alabama governor is the chief executive of the United States state of Alabama. The office of the governor is charged with the task of enforcing the state laws. Other duties of the governor of Alabama include; to veto or to pass bills which have been passed by Alabama legislature, being commander in chief of the Alabama military forces, to make the legislature to convene, has the powers of granting pardons with the exception of the cases concerning impeachment among other many duties as they serve the constituents of the state of Alabama
There have been fifty-four governors in the state of Alabama, this is from the very first governor of Alabama, he was called William Wyatt Bibb and he served between the time periods of the year 1819 up to the year 1820, up to the current Alabama state governor Kay Ivey. The current governor has been in office since the year 2017.
Some facts about the previous governors of Alabama include the following. Ever since the first governor took the office some three governors have died while still serving in the office, there are sic governors who are still alive up to date, six political parties have been represented by the various Alabama governors who

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