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Governance And Land Use Issues: Sustainability (Essay Sample)


• Explain the challenges local governments face because of their diversity in population size, square miles, and socioeconomic composition.

• Analyze the structure and functions of the system comprised of 89,000 local governments.

• Describe the diversity of county governments.

• Compare and contrast county commission, county administrator, and county executive governmental structures.

• Describe the duties of county officials, and discuss how home rule charters, townships, and New England towns are organized.

• Examine the mayor-council and council-manager forms of city government; outline the commission, town meeting, and representative town meeting forms of city government; and describe which forms of city government are most prevalent.

• Evaluate how successfully nonpartisan elections have taken the “politics” out of local government and raised the caliber of candidates for elected office.

• Compare at-large and district electoral systems, and how the electoral system affects which candidates are most likely to be victorious.

• Describe special-purpose local governments known as special districts, and list the various purposes for which these districts were created.


Governance and Land Use Issues
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The social, economic and environmental significance of lands is immense. How lands are used can affect an extensive range of outcomes, from the environmental sustainability of towns and cities to values of properties to lengths of commutes. It's safe to say that land use is not wisely regulated in developing countries. At the same time, the developed states like America, Canada, China, and England have set various rules and regulations in this regard. The existing regulatory frameworks lack flexibility and do not allow smooth adaption of lands. Furthermore, they are out of context, optimal, and not in line with requirements and needs of today's people. All over the world, there is a strong need to implement policies that can resolve land issues to an extent. For example, various countries suffered from urban sprawl and increased housing costs (Kaag & Zoomers, 2014).
One of the main reasons for this is the failure to introduce user-friendly policies and insufficient or unclear objectives. Plus, there seems to be a lack of coordination between landowners and the governments, which directly or indirectly impacts the buyers and investors. Besides all this, tax policies are not reliable, which is why landowners, buyers, and investors attempt to hide their deals, preventing the governments from applying unnecessary taxes on every sale. Talking about land use issues, we'd like to say that high population growth and shrinking natu

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