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How far is globalisation responsible for perpetuating global poverty? (Essay Sample)


55-65 points requirement.


Assessment Task Information Assessment title: Discursive Essay 
Module Name: Contemporary Global Issues
Module Code: FC305
Tutor’s Name: Assessment will be set in: Week 6
Formative task is due in End of Week 10
Final assessment is due in: End of Week 15
Final assessment weighting: 50%
Assessment Task Instructions:
Core Task:  
You are required to write a discursive essay for an academic audience in response to one of these titles.
1. How far do you agree that globalisation will ultimately lead to greater peace and harmony between all nations of the world?
2. To what extent is globalisation responsible for the rise in nationalism and terrorist violence?
3. How far is globalisation responsible for perpetuating global poverty?
Word counts for each paragraph / section are approximate and for guidance only. At the planning stage, check your essay structure with your teacher.
Introduction: Introduce the topic and state the main thesis of your argument – approx. 200 words
Paragraph 2: One reason/argument in support of your thesis – approx.250 words
Paragraph 3: A counterargument against your first reason – approx. 200 words
Paragraph 4: A refutation responding to the counterargument above – approx. 150 words
Paragraph 5: A second reason/argument in support of your thesis – approx.250 words
Paragraph 6: A counterargument against your second reason – approx. 200 words
Paragraph 7: A refutation responding to the counterargument above – approx. 150 words
*Paragraph 8: A third reason/argument in support of your thesis – approx. 250 words
*Paragraph 9: A counterargument against your third reason – approx. 200 words
*Paragraph 10: A refutation responding to the counterargument above – approx. 150 words
Paragraph 11: Conclusion – approx. 100 words Reference list (not included in the word count) 
* Please note that paragraphs 8-10 are optional; the required word count remains the same regardless of the number of paragraphs in your essay.
Theory and/or task resources required for the assessment:
In support of this task, Week 7 will provide advice on using academic articles and correctly referencing. In Weeks 8 and 9, there will be an opportunity to work with your tutor during the Effective Essay Writing Workshops. These sessions will mainly give an opportunity for you to develop and revise draft essays on the given topic area.
Formative assessment:
You will submit a draft of 600-800 words by the end of Week 10. This will be a chance for you to receive feedback before the submission of your final essay in Week 15. This draft is a formative assessment and will not affect your final grade. 
You must submit 3 paragraphs:
a) Reason/argument to support your thesis
b) Counter argument against this reason
c) Refutation in response to counter point
This should not include an introduction or conclusion.
Assessment reference style:
You should aim to include a minimum of eight academic sources, which should be sources either from the University library website or Google Scholar. Penalties may be applied if inappropriate sources are used.
Expected word count:
2000 words ± 10% 
Learning Outcomes Assessed:
The following learning outcomes are assessed in this task:
To provide students with an introductory overview of key 21st century global issues and events and encourage them to critically evaluate their impact  
To develop students’ skills in selecting appropriate sources and utilising them to construct an informed narrative or argument relating to contemporary issues 
To provide students with opportunities to develop skills in discussion, debate and writing in English about contemporary issues
Submission Requirements:
Font: Arial size 12 
1.5 spacing with standard document margins 
Header including the module code, tutor’s name and student number
Numbered pages 
Include a title page with the following information: 
o Module Code (FC305) 
o Class/Group (e.g. Group A) 
o Module Title (Contemporary Global Issues) 
o Assessment Type (Discursive Essay) 
o Module Tutor Name 
o Student ID Number 
o Date of Submission 
o Word count
Use UoN Harvard referencing conventions 
You must submit an electronic copy of your assessment to Turnitin as a Microsoft Word Document before the deadline. Assessments submitted after the submission deadline may incur penalties or may not be accepted.
You must include your name and your student number when uploading your assessment.
Assessment Mark:
You will receive a mark for each of these categories: 
Task achievement & content 60% 
Structure 10% 
Support 20% 
Clarity of communication 10% 
Your overall mark will be calculated as the weighted average of the four and will be reported as a percentage.


How far globalization is responsible for perpetuating global poverty
Author’s Name:
Institutional Affiliation:
How far is globalization responsible for perpetuating global poverty?
Globalization can be described as the growing integration of markets and cultures around the world. (Nuñez 2015). It ranges from various issues such as communication, more accessible transport, and international migration, movement of capital, trade and services and growth, and poverty of the world population. Globalization is a composite process that increases economic interdependence among nations and affects the lives of people. The process of globalization is geared by many factors, which include sociocultural, political, economic, and natural elements (United Nations 2006).
On the other hand, poverty can be defined as the scarcity that causes an individual to lack money or material possessions. It can also be described as a situation in which a person or a society lacks the essentials to enjoy the minimum living standards in a community (Salvatore & Campano 2013). The basic needs include clothes, shelter, food, access to education, and medical facilities. Lack of these essentials leads to powerlessness, exclusion from a specific group of people, and insecurity (United Nations 2005).

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