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GIS 5101 Introduction to Geographic Information Systems (Essay Sample)


Comment on these two post as if you were me with a 100 words each, DO NOT COMPARE THE POSTS, and put 3 references for each post, and please seperate the references with the post it was made for.
Ryan Rocco
Enterprise is the way to go here. This way the data is easily accessed by those that need it in the classroom, in the field, or anywhere in between. The figure in the book 4.12 (p.125) is a simple schematic that can somewhat explain user access to a type of GIS system we may encounter. For those unfamiliar with cloud based systems, as I was, an IT class I had last semester offered this reading and it helped clear some of the basics up for me. This gets at the idea behind the mechanics of the databases we'd access if it was web based.
We are accessing the data GIS tables and imagery, and software (GIS stuff) but our agency or company does not “house it”. This allows for greater access control. Managers and leadership can restrict employees from manipulating data for example. The “select group of users (trained GIS professionals) have the ability to edit the data or should the data be made available so that users who have the most knowledge of the data (assessors, public works crews, dispatchers etc.)” who ought to be the ones to edit and perhaps add or remove core data can do so. A cloud or web-based system is more easily upgraded, and is cheaper to run for the company/agency. How? Higher levels of capability (capacity and scalability) and more end products may be needed at times than others. During a construction development phase or during a storm for a GIS system and its users may be a busier time. The company can pay for more bandwidth, servers, resources, filters, LiDAR etc. So, there are business and economic benefits to running things remotely, saving power and money versus housing it on site along with IT support. It’s like out sourcing mission specific technology to a third party and paying to use it.
Alternative thoughts and critiques, are welcomed.
Daniel Divincenzo
I think it would be more beneficial to the organization as a whole to give workers on the ground access to the database and the ability to make changes they feel are necessary. The employees on the ground are the eyes and ears of the company, so they will be the ones encountering problems as they arise. For example, a driver might notice that a particular road is hazardous because of poor road condition. If he access to the database, he can update it to notify other drivers of where to avoid, saving the company money and helping to keep the other drivers safe. In addition some roads and/or truck stop areas might be unsafe for vehicles transporting valuable goods-- especially around the holidays, when they are carrying more valuable packages. In addition, drivers' data could be used to correct for misleading GPS directions that result in unnecessarily long routes. Drivers may also have access to information about new developments, road work, etc., that has not yet been accounted for by the GPS.
Of course, all employees will not be 100% accurate in their reports. They could give inaccurate reports to benefit or excuse themselves, or could be incapable of using the technology effectively. The company could solve this problem by assigning a regional GIS expert to track the drivers GIS tags and compare their accuracy. GPS trackers on the trucks could be used to verify their reported data.
respectfully submitted,
Dan Divincenzo


Course: GIS 5101 - Introduction to Geographic Information Systems
Institution: Northeastern University
Ryan Rocco
The cloud or web based GIS is more flexible compared to the traditional GIS as it is possible to analyze visualize and manipulate when required. Increasingly, internet accessible GIS allows many users to use the applications and even non-experts can learn (Chappell, 2010). The cloud GIS relies on web visualized platforms, allowing users to analyze and optimize the geospatial operations. The collaboration and sharing tools are available in cloud computing, but there is an option of making access more private to ensure security of data (American Sentinel University, 2011). The cloud option needs to be considered since it is possible to integrate and merge different databases to facilitate exchange of information. Since cloud GIS is user friendly it is likely to improve the workflow so that people can make better decisions to get accurate information (Business Wire, 2016).
American Sentinel University. (2011, Sep 9). GIS finds its way to the cloud. UPI Space Daily. Retrieved from
 HYPERLINK "/about-american-sentinel-university/newsroom/gis-finds-its-way-to-the-cloud" /about-american-sentinel-university/newsroom/gis-finds-its-way-to-the-cloud
Business Wire - Global cloud GIS market 2016-2020 - key vendors are CartoDB, ESRI & hex...
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