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GIS 5101 DF10 Comments: Analysis Of Implementing A GIS System (Essay Sample)


Comment on these two post as if you were me with a 100 words each, DO NOT COMPARE THE POSTS, and put 3 references for each post, and please seperate the references with the post it was made for.
Mandeep Chauhan
Implementing GIS seems at first sight to be a routine and apparantly mechanical process. It is certainly not a rocket science, but neither is it simple or without tried and tested principles and best practices. The consequences of failure can be catastrophic for an organization.
Every program has risk, and not all risks can be anticipated. Department heads need to answer these basic questions before advancing to GIS:
1. What value will an investment in a GIS have for our organization?
2. When will the benefits of a GI systems be delivered?
3. Who will be the recipients of the benefits?
4. What is the level of investment nedeed, both initially and on an ongoing operational basis?
5. Who is going to deliver these benefits, and what resources are required-both internally and externally- to realize the expected benefits?
6. What is the proven financial case- that is, does the investment in a GI system provide the financial or the other value to make it worthwhile?
Besides, these organizational issues GIS systems are often so complex, in fact, that it becomes difficult to describe the intangible benefits they may provide, making it difficult to find funding for their creation. Also, the technology behind GIS technology expands rapidly, causing GIS systems to have a high rate of obsolescence. It's also very difficult to make GIS programs that are both fast and user friendly. GIS systems typically require complex command language. Data fields and their accessibility are also not very understood, and data can become incomplete, obsolete or erroneous, rendering the GIS misleading.
P Longley, M Goodchild, D Maguire, D Rhind, 2015. Geographic Information Science And Systems Fouth Edition
Brett Young
It is to our benefit to implement a GIS system for the simple reason that a GIS software enables us to save costs over time, speed up the traditional flow of work, and produce more quality work that is not inaccurate like traditional work procedures. GIS allow us to update our databases, track trends and occurrences overtime, and lead to ways for us to better predict what could happen next. We can also share this information through data information sharing, which enables departments to gain a better understanding and intertwine with one another more closely. GIS implementation also gives us the opportunity to directly convert from an old system to a new one, or run along side an old system, choose what parts of the old system we want to implement, and what changes we want to make.


GIS 5101 DF10 Comments
Institutional Affiliation
Mandeep Chauhan, I agree with your premise that implementation of the Geographical Information system seems like a simple and straightforward technological advancement. However, being that it is relatively pricey, making a decision to own it for an organization, a substantial amount of money has to be committed to it (Burrough, McDonnell, McDonnell & Lloyd, 2015). Secondly, before an organization buys into it, they have to justify the efficiency and cost of the technology, which involves several time-consuming activities. These include conducting the benefit-cost analysis, convincing the stakeholders of its worthiness and establishing the timeline for the expected profits (Obermeyer, 2014). Thirdly, other factors further accentuate its chances for failure. These factors include, the software’s premise of it regularly changing, therefore, rendering previous versions useless, need for training to use it, and its complexity, especially in school settings (Kerski, 2003, p. 130).
Burrough, P. A., McDonnell, R., McDonnell, R. A., & Lloyd, C. D. (2015). Principles of geographical informat...
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