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Beothius: Every Man Gets What He Deserves (Essay Sample)

Short Essays: This is the last one , So i want you to put your best effort, and write these essays for me. This is a short essay- So roughly about 2-3 pages maximum for each. I will also, upload Book notes, so you can go through the same book that we\'ve been going through from past 4months. So please make sure that you read the book notes, and lecture notes in order to answer each of these essay questions. The questions is , This means no outside random sources can be used. don\'t use citations. Don\'t say something random. Just jump in side the topic. The essay 4th essay question is : [3.04] Boethius holds that each person gets exactly what he or she deserves—and in par-ticular, that he himself deserved his fate. Yet he never takes back his claim that he is innocent of the crimes of which he was accused, and indeed seems to hold that he is a morally good person. In what sense does he get what he deserves? Explain and defend your answer. So please provide me 2-3 pages maximum short essay and be reasonable, use concise wording and please don\\\\\\\'t write history essay. This is philosophy paper, so you need to be able to defend yourself well. You don\\\\\\\'t need to use any other sources or citations. Just keep it simple and legit. because this is going to be taking place in exam room. so that means, i will be out of resources. It\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s only my mind and brain to write this essay. If you have to make it 3 pages let me know. i will send the payments after your done with the order. If you need the book for each of the quetions please let me know so i can upload the full book. But you only have 4 days, so tell me ahead of time source..
Beothius: Every Man Gets What He Deserves.
Since everyone wants to be happy, we all strive to attain happiness through actions and choices. Happiness is the supreme good since it is an end strived for its own sake. If one wants to accomplish something, then they must will to do it, and they must have the ability to do it. Willing to do something but failing to do it means lack of the ability to do it. A good person, guided by virtues will attain the Supreme Good since they have the ability to do it as a result of being virtuous. Therefore, a good person attains happiness which is what they strive for and deserve. Boethius portrays God as knowing what happens all times including the times that are in the future relative to us, therefore, before one chooses to do something, God already knows it. Therefore, a person who chooses to pursue happiness through virtue ultimately gets what he wants or thinks it is what he wants. This can, therefore, be deemed as their fate.
A person who chooses to pursue true happiness through one of the forms of false happiness, which are as observed by the philosopher “unfortunately, defective: they cannot deliver what they promise”, (Boethius, 4.2.17-244), pursue the correct end but using a means that I defective. The evil will abandon and forget about virtue and instead pursue vice either out of their own ignorance, desire or at times both. They know what choice is better but do not pursue it as a result of their desire. The wicked do evil things, with the notion that it is a sign of power, in the actual sense; it is a sign of powe...
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