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Geography MT Social Sciences Essay Research Paper Essay (Essay Sample)


Please note: An excellent answer clearly identifies, summarizes, and explains main concepts and identifies embedded or implicit issues, addressing their relationships with each other. Credit will be given ONLY to clearly written answers of appropriate length.

Answer ONLY FIVE (5) of the following questions with at least five (5) clearly written sentences.

1. The Concentric Zone Model is characterized as an ecological approach to cities. How is it different from European ecological approaches?
2. What are the stages of the Mercantile Cities model? Is there an instance where this model may be useful in understanding city formation outside of North America?
3. How does integrating the concept of agglomeration with the Stanback Model help explain the Rust Belt?
4. How does our understanding of vacancy chains incorporate a class analysis yet leave out the class conflict? Does utilizing a conflict approach better inform the housing markets in cities?
5. What are some legacies of Roman urban development?
6. How were the Hansa Cities instrumental in the development of capitalism?
7. What are two reasons that Central Place Theory works well in the United States?
8. What are four social elements of the Global City and can you identify any in NYC?
9. How does examining primary and secondary circuits of capital expand from conflict theory?
10. How does Zoning reflect the biases of the city leaders? Give at least 2 examples.


Geography MT: Questions
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Geography MT: Questions (Five Chosen Questions)
Question Three: How does integrating the concept of agglomeration with the Stanback Model help explain the Rust Belt?
An urban agglomeration is defined by a highly developed spatial framework of integrated cities where the relationship between cities is not only anchored on competition but also cooperation (Fang & Yu, 2017). Thus, urban growth should be perceived as an agglomeration process where business organizations find it profitable and feasible to cluster together spatially with other firms in their own and other industries. The Stanback model is a reflection of a tremendous decline in manufacturing, coupled with resultant job losses but followed with increased job opportunities in the service industry. The Stanback Model predicts a situation where highly specialized industrial units in cities undergo challenges in adjusting to the emerging service economy

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