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Discussion (Gender Differences): Gender Specific Behaviours (Essay Sample)


Through this discussion we will look at the role of gender in communication. You may draw from what you have learned from the readings, your own research, or personal experience. Prior to participating in the discussion be certain you have read the chapter, viewed the course materials, and are ready to be an informed participant. Men and women, our authors contend, communicate differently in purpose, level of involvement, and style.
Respond: How and why do these differences exist? What impact do gender specific behaviors have in an organizational setting? Identify, as well, the similarities in the communication styles of men and women.


Discussion (Gender Differences)
[Student’s Name]
Discussion (Gender Differences)
Communication disparities between men and women in organizations usually originate from social aspects. Gender communication differences are principally discouraged as they influence the output of a certain organization negatively (Kimbrough, Guadagno, Muscanell, & Dill, 2013). However, some companies argue that gender differences in communication enhance numerous viewpoints that would result in high production.
Gender disparities in organizations involve communication misunderstandings between men and women; they usually occur in because of various reasons. Age, culture, and class are the principal causes of gender differences in communication in organizations. Additionally, lack of awareness regarding effective techniques of communication would lead to differences between men and women in organizations (Kimbrough et al., 2013). Gender stereotypes conversations would raise disparities in communication between men and women. For example, a gender stereotypical conversation that men work and offer support while women are good in domestic chores would result in differences.
Gender communication disparities in the workplace have various effects that are both positive and negative. Majorly, gender disparities in organizations normally involve negative effects. First, they would cause conflicts. Communication differences between men and women result in disagreements that could raise conflict and thus the low production of an organization (Kimbrough et al., 2013). In other situations, particular managers argue that gender disparities in an organization cause acquirement of novel ideas that would enhance production of a particular organization.
Although there are gender differences in communication styles, there also exist similarities; this shows that there are similarities between men and women in workplaces. For inst...
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