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Functional Concept Of Family System Prominent In My Own (Essay Sample)


this is a new class for me. questions 1-1, 1-2 and 2-1 make the first 2 question 100 words and 2-1 the 75 words must have in text citations my post must be scholarly. I have added the three questions please be detailed. also need reference page.


Class 5310 1-1 1-2-2-1
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Family members have own goals and issues to accomplish hence may fail to allocate enough time to the victim resulting in a continued behavior of addiction. The problem of addiction can only be solved well by family members who have organized themselves, balancing their personal goals with attending to the victim. In case of any failure, the patient is likely to fall back to substance use disorder. Besides, failure to understand complex issues in relationships or families is likely to cause short-term treatment of the disorder. The substance use disorder might have developed as a result of misunderstandings and other conflicts in the family or relationship. The therapist has to get the best understanding of the issues in the family before offering treatment. The immediate consequence is increase in likelihood of positive results of the therapy. On the other hand, if the therapist overlooks the complex issues in the family, they are likely to offer partial solutions which cannot help the victim in full recovery from substance use disorder. (Edith Freeman, 2001)
The functional concept of a family system is more prominent in my own family. The rules are clear that substance abuse is not allowed in the family. Parents take a leading role in guiding the children in issues thought to be wrong or right. Communication is also paramount since every individual has an obligation to say issues affecting them. The family members are also very close to another and can help each other when a need arises. The relationship has clearly defined boundaries which are not supposed to be crossed. Every family member is supposed to respect others. Finally, the hierarchy runs from parents to children who openly talk to one another. Parents have a big obligation of guiding the young ones and especially during adolescence stage. Such factors control substance use disorders according to Gerard Connors (2013). An outsider is likely to see a well-organized family with no regular conflicts.
Treating victims of substance use disorders using the family system approach is the most effective in ensuring the victim is socially accepted. Most patients get the challenge of being rejected in the society during addiction hence no one want to associate with them. Adopting the family approach is of benefit to the patient since everyone accepts them during the therapy process. Some instances of substance use disorders are as a result of conflicts in a relationship or family which therapists consider in treatment. Conflicts in some families drive other members to look for drugs and alcohol as a way of relieving stress. The family app...
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