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Four Styles of Parenting Research Assignment Paper (Essay Sample)


broaden your understanding of the styles, write a short essay define each style then explore each styles effect on the socio-emotional development of a 10 year old child three reference in text citation with a reference page. this is a big document but it should help you make chapter 5 one of the sources and I have added other information that may help you. Need in 10 days. I had to send two files the. pay not attentions to the instructions that say one act play that is on another order.m the correct instructions is the four (4) parenting styles. both instructions look alike they are both due the same day so please pay attention sorry for the in convention.due in ten days use chapter 5 as one of the references and I have added other information you might be able to use. In text citations with a reference page and a cover page. The instructions that is by its self is to this order.


Four Styles of Parenting
Course title:
Parenting has a significant contribution to the child's personality development. Different parenting styles have different childhood outcomes. This essay will look at specific parenting styles and their effects on the socio-emotional development of a ten year old child.
Authoritarian parenting
This style of parenting expects children to follow strict rules that have been put forth by their parents. Failure to follow these rules results in to punishments, not consequences. Authoritarian parents do not explain the reason behind the rules and they offer no room for negotiations. Their children have no involvement in problem solving, and when they ask why their parents would tell them that it is because they said so (Doepke & Zilibotti, 2014). 
Authoritative parenting
Authoritative parents have rules that their kids should follow but they offer exceptions. They inform their children the reasons for the rules and they would consider their children feelings especially when it comes to setting the limits. Authoritative parents are not intrusive or restrictive but they are assertive and they offer supportive disciplinary methods. Their children become very assertive, cooperative and are socially responsible (Doepke & Zilibotti, 2014). 
Permissive parenting
This style of parenting involves leniency with little or no discipline and consequences for the children. Permissive parents are more responsive, nurturing and communicative with their children. However, they do not discourage their kids on bad behaviour (Doepke & Zilibotti, 2014). 
Uninvolved parenting
These are neglectful parents that expect their children to raise themselves. They may provide basic needs but they lack parenting skills and understanding on child development. The children may not receive parental attention, nurture and guidance. Uninvolved parents are detached from their kids and they would reject or neglect them in extreme cases (Doepke & Zilibotti, 2014).&...
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