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Forensic Psychology (Essay Sample)


It\'s fairly simple. Choose two cases or issues related to the field of forensic psychology (any cases you\'d like), summarize them, and discuss their relation to forensic psychology and the implications or effects they\'ve had (if any) on the discipline.


Forensic psychology
Forensic psychology
According to CITATION Gra12 \l 1033 (R., 2012), forensic psychology is the intersection of psychology and law. It applies to the gathering, scrutinizing and interpreting of information for legal purposes. This paper seeks to summarize two cases, and to discuss their relation to forensic psychology. Understanding the concept of Forensic psychology is significant in relating cases to its aspects. This paper will also relate and discuss the effects the cases have brought in the field of forensic psychology.
Case on the Death of Caylee Anthony
Casey Anthony reported to the police an alleged abduction that was conducted by her daughter's nanny. Although, following the evidences that were presented to the court based on the forensic evidence that was presented, it was evident that Casey has participated in the death of her own daughter. The evidence can be summarized as follows:
* Caylee Anthon's remains were found with blanket clothing that matched the bedding at her grandparent's home, a laundry bag that was similar to another at the Anthony home, and a duct tape which was unique in brand, which pointed that the murder was conducted in at the Anthony home and then disposed with what she possessed.
* After the disappearance of her daughter it is alleged that Casey went on with her daily routines as usual like a woman who had no agony of the missing child. The prosecution presented before the court photos of Caylee portrayed as uncared for.
* Prior to Caylee's alleged abduction, The Anthony family computer was used to conduct searches for "neck breaking," "how to make chloroform," and "death." In spite of these allegations, the evidence was discredited due to the fact that on that particular day and time she was at work and couldn't have been in a position to conduct the alleged searches on the family computer.
* Air sampling procedure conducted by the forensic on Casey Anthony's private car revealed presence of human decomposition. Prosecution presented before the court that there are possibilities that Casey used chloroform on her daughter as well as the identified duct tape to suffocate her. And the air sample indicated that she dumped her daughter's body in the trunk of her car before doing away with it a few days later.
* The journal retrieved from Casey dated a few days after the incident of the death of Caylee CITATION Fan09 \l 1033 (Fanning, 2009) . It was updated by her mother that she has nothing to regret about because she made the right choice and decision, and that the end will justify the means. She also updated that she is very happy, which she hasn't in a long time.
Relation to forensic psychology
As evident, the prosecution team on Casey's case majorly used forensic evidence to prove that she actually had a hand in her daughter's death. The relationship between this case and forensic psychology will be based on some of the ...
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