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Final Peer Review Reflection (Essay Sample)


What three goals would you set for yourself on a future project based on what you learned in the Capstone class (think about skills to be developed, working on or creating a project that feeds your passion, knowledge development, etc.)? (Your response should contain two paragraphs per goal, but each paragraph needs to be short and simply understandable.)
What three discoveries did you make while working in a team that you might not have learned if you had worked alone? (Your response should contain one paragraph per discovery, but each paragraph needs to be short and simply understandable.)
Explain at least three the challenges/realizations in developing and implementing a viable project? (Provide one paragraph per challenge or realization, but each paragraph needs to be short and simply understandable.)
What skills or knowledge from your General Education (whether taken at UDC or elsewhere) preparation benefitted you the most in the Capstone work? (Provide examples from at least 3 classes and include 2 paragraphs per class, but each paragraph needs to be short and simply understandable.)
Please let me know if any additional information/clarification is needed.


Final Peer Review Reflection
Goals for Future Projects
* Planning
For future projects, a critical goal set leaned from the Capstone Class is about planning to help meet objectives and increase efficiency. Planning would be able to assist in the utilization of all available resources at the disposal effectively. As such, wastages of the resources would be reduced, and duplication of functions and or duties would be minimized. Efficiency would be met in the overall when higher returns are met at least cost possible cost. Accordingly, objectives would be met when resources are utilized properly and other nonissues avoided due to lack of resource allocation.
Moreover, planning would be critical to help in organizing and coordinating. The organization is the ability to gather or bring all available resources. Planning informs on the resources needed and the time frame of their needs. The plan would also help to coordinate all functions and processes so that all plans can fall in place to meet the project needs on time or within the deadlines set.
* Flexibility and Adaptability
In fast-changing environments influenced by technology, society, and diversity, a person should be open to new ideas and be flexible and be able to cope with the prevailing circumstances. Being able to be adaptable is a critical skill which will enhance results through realizing situational awareness and acting accordingly.
Additionally, adaptability would be important in preventing damages of cutting costs. After a plan has been made, circumstances can change, or new ideas can come up. Being able to be flexible and change with the needs can thus cut cost or enhance the process and at times reduce damages. As such, the skill would mean one is a perpetual optimist besides showing extraordinary resilience.
* Management skills
An effective manager manages time and stress since time management would help in making priorities for particular workloads. An effective management skill would allow one to design time, to rest, entertainment, and work. Such time allocation factors in how work would be prioritized and impact assessment are done afterward.
Management would also help in distributing the scare resources concerning time, energy, cost and other logistical challenges to foster desired results.
Discoveries of Team Work
Effective brainstorming is done at the individual level and gives more productive personal thought-provoking insights than when working as a team, but teamwork enhances the quality of thoughts in brainstorming. During team work, the team leader asked people to separate and go in different rooms to come up with points. As such, most people had their five points each from the divergence mechanism. Accordingly, during convergence, where all points were floated, team members settled on the best five points after a critical analysis of all other points. The team leader said separating people helps prevent

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