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Federalism As The Basic Structure Of A State. Social Sciences Essay (Essay Sample)


This is my final homework for English class, need to write according to the grading rubric and the requirement that I uploaded.

Examine what federalism can mean, and the reasons why it might be adopted as the basic structure of a state. what problems does federalism help accommodate ,and what problem does federalism itself pose to a political system?your discussions should draw on practical examples from  one or more federal states.


Federalism As The Basic Structure Of A State: Problems Federalism Help Accommodate, And Problem Federalism Pose To A Political System?
Federalism is a common system of governance adopted by several countries; federalism is defined as a form of government where sovereignty and political powers are shared. A federal system should have a written constitution that is rigid, an independent judiciary, with both levels of governments offering services that directing impact on the local citizens and the allocation of sources of revenue at each level is adequate. Other scholars define federalism based on circumstantial factors and forces, federalism is also defined as a political system and it’s more of an institution that is meant to unite people within a single polity with diverse groups or component of politics maintaining their personality and individuality.
With several benefits of federalism, many countries prefer a federal system as its basic structure of governance due to the desire for independent regional governments. Some of the benefits of federalism include the ability to solve problems the government might experience while expanding its authority. Federalism helps with mobility of capital on labor, hence, improving the living standards its citizens.
Federalism also poses as a problem to the political system due to conflict of interest and the need for control. The allocation of functions among jurisdiction at different scales has greatly 

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