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federal poverty, welfare and unemployment policies (Essay Sample)

Research and write an essay on a specific policy in the area that you select. (Note: The word “policy” is used interchangeably with the word “program.”) Your essay must: Clearly identify and focus on a specific federal policy or program (the policy must raises issues of “federalism” because it requires national, state and local interaction and invites tension across different levels of government). Summarize the elements of the policy, including the problem it is supposed to solve or improve. Briefly summarize the history of the policy. Explain how the policy raises issues of “federalism” Analyze the main pros and cons in debates about the policy. Evaluate the pros and cons from two perspectives: The policy's effectiveness. (Justify your assessment by clearly explaining your definition of "effectiveness" and how it should be measured or determined.) The policy's consistency with the constitutional framework of federalism. (Justify your assessment by clearly explaining your interpretation of American federalism's constitutional framework and why the federal policy is or is not consistent with it.) Follow these requirements when writing the Short Essay: The body of the essay (excluding the title page and reference page) must be at least 600 words long. The essay must start with a short introductory paragraph which includes a clear thesis statement. The thesis statement must tell readers what the essay will demonstrate. The essay must end with a short paragraph which includes a conclusion. The conclusion and thesis must be consistent. The essay must logically develop the thesis in a way that leads to the conclusion, and that development must be supported by facts, fully explained concepts or assertions, and persuasive reasoning. The essay must address all subtopics outlined above. At least 20% of the essay must focus on subtopic 6, above (your evaluation of the various pros and cons about the policy). Your essay must cite at least one academic article found in the Ashford Online Library and at least three other kinds of sources (e.g., Supreme Court opinions, magazine or newspaper articles, the course textbook, and reliable websites). Use your own words. While brief quotes from sources may be used, altogether the total amount of quoted text must be less than five percent of the body of your essay. When you use someone else's words, they must be enclosed in quotation marks followed by an APA in-text short citation – (Author, Year, page) – to your source. The in-text citation must correspond to a full APA citation for the source on the reference page at the end of the essay. When you express in your own words someone else's ideas, arguments or facts, your statement must be followed by an APA in-text short citation – (Author, Year, page) – to your source. The in-text citation must correspond to a full APA citation for the source in the reference page. Levin-Waldman, Oren M.. American Government. San Diego, CA: Bridgepoint Education, 2012. Print. source..
HEALTH CARE POLICY Name Course Name Tutor Date of submission Health care policy The Health care Bill or the Obama care bill was established generally to provide reform to the American Health system and also provide a subsidized or affordable health care to the entire Americans citizen. The Obama care act was actually signed 23rdMarch in the year 2010 and it was advocated by the Supreme Courtruling on 28th June in the year 2012 (Jennie, 2011). This policy comprises extraordinary preventive care and protections that ensures that insurance firms are not able to drop individuals from coverage when they get ill. The healthcare was enacted to provide many benefits to the state residents for instanceit was made to strategize on the reforms of buying health insurance therefore enabling Americans who are not able to afford health insurance qualify for Medicaid or else get assistance that was made to be tax breaks. Obama care policy assisted the uninsured low and all the individuals will low income access the health facilities. It is now evident from the policy that senior citizens experience a reduction in prescription drugs, people with pre-existing health conditions stand able to purchase healthcare insurance, and women possess more controlled over their healthcare options. These and other elements make up the Obama health care policy. People presently with health insurance possess preventive care to guard against rehabilitating, and fatal diseases; in regard to women early detection of breast cancer and cervical. ...
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