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Codependency, Family Survival and Adult/Children of Alcoholics (Essay Sample)


there are a total of four students comments on their post for 3-1 there is Yolanda and Kari for 3-2 it is Ashley and Yolanda comments must be substally with a in text citation on each make each comment about 65 words each some of the documents you could is in order 00052054 week 3 you did for me 3-1 & 3-2 I have added the questions out of the materials take what you need.


Essay on Comments for Question 3-1 and 3-2
Date of submission
Essay on Comments for Question 3-1 and 3-2
3-1: Codependency, Family Survival and Adult/Children of Alcoholics
Yolanda noted that the concepts of codependency, family survival roles and adult/children of alcoholics have been helpful in counseling of drug teenage drug addiction (Barretti & Beitin, 2010). Drug addiction in children is brought about by exposure of the addicts to observe their parents taking the drugs, are given alcohol at tender ages as well as experiencing family violence at the tender age which cause both psychological and emotional problems. Thus, the children use drugs as a last resort to distract them from thinking of the scenes. Use of family survival role enables a counselor to successfully communicate issues regarding conflicts, mental health, and behaviors besides ensuring that the counselor understands the underlying disorders. On the same note, it provides a chance for some of the family members to get involved in the treatment process and relevant interventions especially the evidence-based options for treatment (National Institute on Drug Abuse, 2014).
Kari states that the benefits of family roles in the addicted families are not guaranteed to happen according to the expectation of the majority. He objected to the use of codependency and family concept since the dynamic approach that combines the two in the treatment process have some limitations. First, the provision of specific roles in family based on birth order limits a child's chance of being dynamic even if the child is multitalented. Thus, the high expectations of the family members are not achieved. Furthermore, the approach is not correct in a d...
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