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Family Friendly Workplace (Essay Sample)


What is the Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993? How does it impact the workplace and it’s workers? What are the limitations of this act? Describe your idea of a family friendly workplace and see how many of your classmates would want to work at your firm. Be sure to take the following into consideration: Will your firm be profitable? Will service to your clients or customers be negatively affected by a family friendly model? Will employees without families feel the benefits discriminate against those without families?


The Family and Medical Leave Act was a bill passed in 1993, which provides American citizens with time off their duties to cater for a particularly urgent need of themselves or their immediate family members. These might be either one's spouse or child. It also mainly focuses on people who have had service in the military, but exclusively covers all eligible American citizens. The Act provides a maximum of up to three months of unpaid leave from work so that one can look after his or herself when in critical health, or that of their seriously ill or injured spouse or child; or to take care of their newborn baby.
The Act has had its chief success as being able to provide this much-needed time ...
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